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[Infographic] The State Of Small Businesses In Illinois


Illinois occupies a strategic location in the Midwest and is the location of multiple large metro areas that have plenty of resources for small-business startups. The most well-known city, Chicago, is strategically located in the northeast corner of the state and has a wealth of transportation modalities, many small-business resources, and a top-notch labor pool to draw from. It’s also easy to start a business in Chicago because of its small-business-friendly attitude. You’ll find plenty of help available to you no matter if you’re starting up a small business in your home, your garage, or a small storefront.

Chicago and its metro area are full of quality resources to help you get your business started. You’ll find everything you need, including small-business development centers, easy access to transportation to get your goods in and out, and a licensing department that has worked hard to eliminate the red tape involved in opening a small business.

You still need to find out what licenses you need to operate on the local, county, and state level, and you do need to figure out your operating structure, but if you have questions, there are answers at your fingertips. Economic development offices in the region want your business to operate within their boundaries and are ready to help. The Secretary of State’s office makes it easy for you to figure out what type of corporate structure you want to use, along with registering with the state. You can open your doors for business with only the slightest of delays.

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