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5 Tiny Tech Tools You Need For Your At-Home Business


It’s not easy running an at-home business. With the entirety of your business operations happening from a room or two, it’s easy to get disorganized and for you to lose track of what you need to be doing at a given time. Wires and boxes and all sorts of clutter can reduce efficiency and prevent your company from gaining an edge. This is where helpful, tiny tech can come in.

Tiny, portable tech reduces the tangible bulk of your business. While most business operations take place online, it’s still important to make sure that your tangible, business-related assets are not causing a mess and making it harder for you to get your work done. For at-home business owners who sometimes work from coffee shops or workspaces, having tiny tech that can be brought into these other locations is incredibly useful; it prevents you from limiting your business operations based on where you work from.

While many tech devices like the smart phones are starting to become larger, others are growing smaller. Consumers crave portability—it’s become a hallmark of efficient hardware—and manufacturers are responding by trying to cut down on size wherever they can. Here are some of the leading tiny tech tools that at-home businesses can use to make their operation more efficient:

Power Banks.

It’s never been easier to recharge your electronics on the go. There was a time in the not-too-distant past where you had to scramble on your hands and knees whenever you got to a new area in search of an outlet. Those days are finally behind us. Portable power banks — tiny devices which store energy and function like a mobile battery — can make charging your devices an incredibly simple process.

Of the mini power banks out there, those manufactured by Anker are some of the best. They are sleek, thin, and can fit in almost every carrying case without fail. They charge at high speeds and use state of the art technology. You’ll run into different terms, like USB C – all you need to know is that a USB C is the single universal port that almost all tech will run on in the near future.

Tile Item Finder.

If you have a cluttered home office, it’s easy to lose things. Tile has resolved this problem for good. It is a tiny, keychain-sized square device that you can attach to any of your at home tech. An app keeps track of your tile devices, and it’s easy to search where they are at any given time. Even if you don’t use the app, you can trigger the tile device to make a noise, ring, flash, or vibrate. It can reduce all of the stress you have associated with losing your important devices—a struggle many of us go through every single day.

Folding Keyboard.

For those who work from a desktop, managing their clunky, large keyboard can be a real pain. Finding space for it at the work desk can be a hassle, and it always seems to be taking up way more space than it needs to. There’s an easy fix: foldable keyboards. This tiny tech device can be brought on the go, linked to tablets if you want to work out of the office, and run using Bluetooth so connectivity is never a problem. You can find plenty on the internet, and soon enough you will be able to speak with customers hassle free.

Mini Speakers.

Tiny Bluetooth speakers are a great way to reduce the clutter of your home office. Traditional speakers are large and bulky and take up far too much room. If you use a wire-free Bluetooth device, you can play ambient music while you work, and rest assured you’ve freed up space.

Smart Watch.

Wearable technology is becoming increasingly popular, and as tech evolves smart watches are emerging as the most useful of all such devices. It’s a miniature, compact option for those who want to stay on top of meetings, organize their day, and communicate with customers without having to keep an eye on their phone. Apple Watch has been the most popular option, but companies like Aeifond have started to make some headway towards disrupting the market.

Consider implementing these tiny tech tools and watch as your at home business becomes more efficient, less cluttered, and easier to manage!


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