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Add Some Green To Your Startup


The idea of being at one with nature and respecting our environment has never been more important or popular. As a result, there are more reasons than ever for businesses to become green.

Sustainability is an important consideration for any business, whether it is a new start-up or one that has been established for years. From an ethical, regulatory and customer service perspective, there are plenty of reasons for your business to go green. Here are some examples of sectors in which entrepreneurs are showing their love for mother nature and at the same time, turning a tidy profit.

Handmade organic cosmetics.

Organic cosmetics from soap to shampoos to lipstick are becoming increasingly popular. Products are environmentally friendly, consists of natural organic components and they do not contain preservatives, chemical additives or harmful compounds that destroy the protective layer of the skin. It is a sector in which you can add green touches at every stage, for example through the use of minimalist and reusable packaging and of eco-friendly lighting from a supplier like LED hut on the shop floor.

Eco-Friendly Beauty Salon.

Producing eco-friendly produce is one thing, but how about getting it to market? The beauty and haircare market is one that has always been popular with entrepreneurs, as it is possible to start small, but to scale up rapidly. Taking an eco-friendly approach, for example by using internally produced products, or those made by a local company, is a great way to stand out from the high street competition.

Green fashion.

Today eco-fashion is all the rage in the glossy magazines. Fashionistas hunt the world over for unique, sustainable fashion items, and you never know what will be a big hit. A focus on natural fibres, recycled materials and safe dyes is all it takes to get into the eco sector, and starting up does not demand significant capital investment.

Landscape Design.

The traditional gardener – it is one of those sectors that has long been the province of the self-employed entrepreneur. But cast aside those visions of the old man with a wheelbarrow, there are some serious business opportunities to be had in the world of exterior landscape design. With the growing popularity of eco-homes, there is an increasing demand for specialists who take a sustainable approach to design. The landscaping sector is one that is ripe for the taking, and by focussing on using recycled materials and bringing in water conservation features, you can show off your green credentials to the max, saving both natural resources and money.

Furniture repair and restoration.

One of the most important, yet overlooked, aspects of sustainability is to repair and reuse. Making products last longer means less energy used in manufacturing replacements and a reduced burden on landfill. With the right tools and a little artistic flair, you can transform chairs, tables and dressers into something original and exclusive, and then resell. It’s a great way to start a cottage business with minimum investment. And one thing is for certain, it will definitely be a sustainable one.