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Reinforce Professional Relationships During The Holidays


The yuletide season isn’t just for bumping “Jingle Bells” at maximum volume for a full two months. It’s also a time to connect with contacts by sending a photo Christmas Card. It seems simple enough: make a list, send the card, and wait until next year.

But there are a few common foibles entrepreneurs and businesses make when saying, “Happy Holidays.” A simple oversight could cost you an important relationship that affects your bottom line the whole year through. Avoid photo Christmas card blunders with the below tips.

Don’t Forget Anyone.

Make a list and check it twice. Did you include your investor’s assistant who helped you book that lunch meeting last month? Did you remember all vendors, clients, customers, partners and employees? Sending the right personalized card to the right people is essential. Be attentive to your list well in advance of the New Year so you have enough time to make any necessary additions.

Send the Right Message.

Your season’s greetings should warm the heart of the recipient, but not make their blood boil. It’s best to keep any messages free of religious overtones that could alienate people who do not have similar beliefs. Likewise, humor can often be subjective. Avoid jokes, in general. Instead, select a message that reinforces your company identity or brand and is upbeat, but genuine. If you’re short on ideas, check out these photo Christmas card designs to see if any catch your eye.

Make a Personal Connection.

Your photo Christmas card could be one of dozens in your customer’s mailbox. Or, it might be the only photo Christmas card they receive. Either way, don’t miss an opportunity to make a meaningful connection by carelessly dropping your logo into your photo Christmas Card. Instead, share a snapshot of your team or images of your service or product.

Send a Card that Feels Like Getting a Gift.

A high-quality photo Christmas card with AA great look stands out. You want to emphasize your discernment and care. Choose the wrong paper quality or the wrong printer and you’ll be sending entirely the wrong message. An easy way to ensure you get a high-quality design that lets you communicate the right message is to use Mixbook to create your photo Christmas card.

Creating your Photo Christmas Card with Mixbook.

Mixbook lets you create your own design from scratch or select from customizable templates. It’s simple to personalize the message and drop in your photos. Then, they’ll print and mail your photo Christmas card package to you. Basic computer skills should be okay to get you through the process, but if you do have any issues, Mixbook has customer service staff available for live, one-on-one messaging.


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