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Business Travel And Corporate Retreats In Switzerland


Business related travel forms a major part of activity for small, medium and even large organisations. These corporate benefit programs, turn out to be great for the customers as well. Having said that, what must be kept in mind are the economic factors while arranging these businesses trips. This is where the country you plan to travel to plays a great part. It is no secret that Switzerland is one such destination which has sustainable policies, the incredible landscape apart.

Travel management to Switzerland can be optimised by utilising the services of a good agency, like for example CWT Switzerland. This will go a long way in saving money, managing the complete travel and taking care of the guests. With an itinerary in place beforehand and lovely cabins in Switzerland booked, one can save time and discover new and innovative methods for all areas of corporate travel.

The business travelers of today are mostly digital savvy, who need a program that works for them in all the ways they want- from services, transport, accommodation and keeping the travelers engaged gainfully as much as possible. Small things like name, knowing their preferences, putting them on the right flight and great service, all add up as an extension of the employee engagement service and are taken care off.

The travelers today are after all employees first, so safety and business travel service should be at priority. Team building activities should be designed that excite and motivate the workforce to improve communication, increase trust and create better team spirit. Competitive games, like Bean around the World, are a dynamic and fast paced business simulation program, which focuses on customer relationship management. This is one of the most energetic team building exercise, which can be completed over a coffee break.

International team retreats are an essential part of team building as they focus on inspiring the workers to make a positive impact by adopting various methods to improve their overall skill. More than 90% of companies have reported better retention, simply by enabling their professionals to work remotely in an environment complete with comfortable accommodation, quick transport and a fast and reliable internet connection.

With the new motto being ‘Work hard and Play Harder’ corporate retreats have started to trend again. Switzerland, is one such country that has huge benefits for hosting large and productive corporate retreats. By staying away from the larger cities, a majority of the distractions and noise can be avoided. This gives a unique opportunity for the team members to bond better and get to know each other well.

There are digital product based agencies in Zurich, which can organise business related get-togethers in a small village, for example, Berner Oberland. The main aim would be to make everybody relaxed and happy by offering innovative events and exciting menus including high teas which would allow participants to stay focused rather than tired and lazy.

In March 2018, a Swiss Mountain conference was organised well in advance, for 42 talented software professionals, complete with accommodation and logistics, to enable them to fully concentrate on the content part. A school building was totally overhauled to create five star comforts. Specially prepared food and snacks were stocked up, including cured meats and local craft beer. Participants were given a grand welcome in front of a huge bonfire with warm cocktails. Fondue and night time sledding trips were conducted, with guides on hand to take everyone up and down. The highlight of the event was a trip to a popular spa in a nearby village.

In the summer of 2017, the management team from Doodle, were provided a very private but not too remote retreat with an exclusive evening event as a surprise. Dinner every evening was a four course meal which was served at different spots every evening in a forest. This involved a long walk through the woods to reach the restaurant. Special diet of cold soups, strawberries and salads were added, to offset the heat of the day.The stunning summer dream had ice-cream and grilled pineapple for the finale, as guests watched the sun setting over the incredible landscape.

For handling any seminar, Switzerland has a combination of chalets and lodges with state of the art facilities. These retreats are constructed in true Alpine style, with great locations on ski slopes, for example, and great mountain views. All the rooms have five star service, with gourmet breakfast, private spas, entertainment and personal service for each individual guest. The conference rooms are large and bright and are ideal for all types of meetings.

If you are planning to bring your company colleagues together from all over the world, a Swiss escape will give you breaththrough ideas to make the team flourish. Whether it is project launch, design work or just a regular meet, Switzerland will offer quality time to your team to reinforce relationships between members. Your retreat will include an ideal working area, either in a chalet or in an open space with others. The professional equipment will have high speed internet, ergonomic chairs, movable tables,printers and scanners and all stationery. Accommodation will be away from cities, but within walking distance of shops and restaurants. Everything from tips and activities is taken care of, with staff present for guidance. A few days in the mountains is the best way to say thank your employees and say ‘Awesome Job’.

So the next time you organise a company retreat, head to the Swiss mountains in order to have fun with the team away from office. This will reinforce the relationship between the colleagues and celebrate company success.