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A Day In The Life: How Studying Your Habits Can Help Your Business


When it comes to making business work, target markets are crucial. The more we know about our customers, the better chance we have of providing what they want and capturing their attention. The trouble is, target markets are often elusive, and it can be difficult to pin them down.

The good news is, many of us start a business with ourselves in mind. As such, you don’t need to send out unanswered surveys or untested ads to find your audience. All you need to do is consider your habits while cultivating your marketing. By examining a day in your life, you could get closer to your target audience than ever before. Of course, noting what you eat for breakfast won’t help here. But, tracking yourself during the following might.

The platforms you use.

Often, nailing marketing is about nothing more than taking notice of the platforms you use. The chances are that others your age use the same ones. There’s no point focusing on television advertising if you don’t so much as turn on your set for weeks. Instead, you may notice you spend your spare time on social media platforms like Facebook. In that case, working with a Facebook marketing agency is sure to bring you more success than other options. Or, perhaps you consume most of your ads on YouTube. Developing fast fire YouTube ads could then serve you best. Either way, only your existing habits will tell.

The ads which stand out to you.

While on these platforms, it’s also worth noting which ads stand out to you. While it’ll be tricky, try to keep this natural. Don’t look out for adverts. Simply jot down any you end up clicking on, and why. You may find that a strong logo does the trick. Or, perhaps product photos pull you in more. It may even be about nothing more than where on the page these ads appear. Sometimes, advertisements will be in sidebars, while others appear within social media feeds. As you’ll find during the day, each of these plays their part. By focusing your ads around what works for you, you could well catch your audience.

The times of day during which you browse.

It’s even worth noting which times of the day you find yourself browsing. Again, keep this natural. Come to your phone as you would any other day, then make a quick note after you’re finished. Track the time and also the duration of your browsing sessions. While this does vary between people, we all often tend to get our phones around the same time. And, targeting your ads to these times could see increased interaction. Around 1 pm is also a good bet, as people often go for lunch then. Between five and six is also a good time, as this is when most finish work. The more you can narrow down prime times, the better chance you have of reaching the largest audience. So, it’s past time you started timing your habits.


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