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The Importance Of Content Writing In SEO


The verdict is in: digital marketing is a must-have for any business in today’s economy. Many customers find out about businesses through digital means, and a digital marketing campaign delivered in tandem with SEO strategy builds credibility, visibility, and a positive reputation. Some business owners have thought that SEO simply entails elegant web design and attractive social visuals. \While these components are important, visual design means little if not solidly integrated with quality content writing.

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is an important element of any digital marketing strategy. Content writing encompasses the written text on your website, blog, social media platforms, and other digital marketing channels. What words do you use to tell your story? How do you describe the goods or services you offer? Do these descriptions match the search engine terms potential customers use when investigating products in your industry?

In other words, content writing is a strategy that helps customers find you. When an internet user searches for something, the search engine “crawls” through internet pages related to that topic, using algorithms in an attempt to find the best answer to the user’s query. Content writing makes your business’s internet presence more crawlable, searchable, and desirable for search engines and users alike.

Why Visual Design is Not Enough.

Search engines do not regard the visual parts of your website in the same way as they do written content. Keywords, meta descriptions, and other written content are the raw material that connects your business with potential customers.

What Professional Content Writers Bring to the Table.

One of the most challenging parts of content writing is continually thinking of new ideas. With blogs and social media especially, hiring a professional content writer with years of experience can free you up from content brainstorming to focus on other areas of your business. A professional content writer is a font of knowledge and an experienced brainstormer who may be able to think of a long list of new content ideas in a short time. Professional content writers can quickly generate fresh, innovative, error-free content that the rest of your SEO team posts on an ongoing basis.

The Basic Components of Good Content Writing.

Some of your written web content may feel like a no-brainer: the “About” page of your website, the description of your services, etc. There are, however, best practices for gearing every piece of your web presence toward the kinds of users you want. Additionally, excellent digital marketing requires much more than a simple website. A consistently-updated and relevant blog, comprehensive social media presence keyed into what customers want, and guest blog posts are just a few elements that a good content writer can help you integrate.

Additional components of high-caliber content writing include the following:

  • Search engine friendliness
  • Organic keyword integration
  • An authentic voice
  • Relevancy to your customer base
  • Emotional appeals (when appropriate)
  • Content that includes information customers can use
  • A lack of unnecessary repetition
  • Diverse and consistent new content

Maximizing Opportunities: Hiring a Professional Content Writer.

Taking advantage of quality SEO content writing services is an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. Just as you would hire a professional graphic designer to create a logo or a professional photographer to take a headshot, it is in your interest to hire a professional content writer who can get the job done efficiently, correctly, and using best practices for SEO in your industry. Make sure you hire a business that can roll out content writing for you as a larger part of an SEO strategy for your entrepreneurial enterprise.


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