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How To Set Up A Successful Care Business


Caregiving is one of the most rewarding sectors in the job market, giving you the opportunity to help those who really need it. Whether you’ve been working in the industry as an employee or exploring a new path, setting up your own business can be daunting. Making the business a recognised success can seem equally as difficult in a saturated job market, but following these tips can help you set up a successful care business in no time.

Start off by making a solid business plan and decide what you want to offer. It may sound obvious, but there are standards and qualifications required for each type of care, meaning it’s a good idea to decide way before starting the hiring process. If you don’t check, you may end up having to pull out of jobs due to lack of knowledge from your staff, which can result in a bad reputation.

At the very least, most care businesses require you to register with the Quality Care Commission (QCC) and undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service clearance to check you are suitable to work with vulnerable people. Always check that both you and your employees have had the correct training or education before starting the business to ensure your staff can provide adequate care.

Keep your standards high by being unafraid of seeming picky when it comes to hiring. The people you employ represent the business and just a couple of bad reviews can be detrimental when it comes to any type of care business. Keeping your clients happy and comfortable should be your main company goal, as should employing compassionate people to achieve this.

As your employees will be based outside an office, keeping track of their schedules and results is key to ensuring that productivity levels are where it needs to be. Empower your employees while checking up on tasks with field service management solutions. This ensures that all required tasks are completed in a timely manner, resulting in positive recommendation and feedback from clients.

Make the most of online resources and read up about the industry regularly. Educating yourself on the current state and expectations of the care sector will help you solve problems before they crop up. Skills For Care have a multitude of tools to help make your care business a success, including a manager starter pack, information on qualifications and important guidelines on how to register the business correctly. This information is essential when looking after the needs of another, so always keep up-to-date with the latest training guides so you can have confidence in the quality of care your clients will receive.

Getting your name out there is vital when you want to take on new clients. Word of mouth can only go so far and marketing can help pick up business when this starts to falter. Avoid portraying a clinical image when advertising, instead using compassionate language and imagery that reflects the core values of the company. Social media advertising is a great way of targeting residents looking at care options for their families, as is advertising your services on local community boards. From posting leaflets through doors to asking an agency to help market the business, there are options to suit all budgets.