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What’s Great About You That You’re Not Willing To Look At?


by Brendon Watt, the Australian CFO of Access Consciousness

Have you found what you’re great at? Have you even started looking? Or, have you settled into living a life where you’re just working hard for the money?

Growing up, I never really thought I would become much of anything. I didn’t have a college education and I didn’t think that left me with much of a choice as to what I could do for work and money. I certainly didn’t have anyone inviting me to look at what I was great at.

I remember when my son was young, I was living in a small bedroom at my mother’s house. I was broke, all I wanted to do was either drink or sleep and I was miserable. One day while I was telling my son how to have a successful life, I thought, how is he going to know how to have a great life if I am not even choosing to have a great life myself? It was from that moment forward that I decided to start looking for something different that would allow me to show my son a better life, otherwise, what was the point?

I started looking outwardly for what I could do in the world that would allow me to feel successful. What I found out was, in order for me to be successful, I had to start looking at what was great about me from the inside out. Not an easy task. Yet, I continue to find out that the more I look at what is great and what is right about me, the more my entire world becomes greater, including my business and my money flows.

Here are three ways you can get started at finding the greatness inside of you:

1. Take Inventory.

Make a list of things that you’re good at. The things that are fun for you, and the ones you can’t imagine getting paid for doing them. The thing is, most of us completely discount what we’re great at because they come so “easy” to us. These are the things that you could have great success at because it’s something that you actually enjoy doing. It may be that you’re great at fixing things. It may be that you’re great with people. Once you start getting a sense of the things you’re great at, and that are fun for you, you can start looking at where the success in those areas could follow.

2. Ask a Question.

The best way to discover more about you and your greatness is to get curious and start asking questions. Look for what is possible, not what for what is wrong. Here are three questions you can start with:

  • What’s right about me I am not getting?
  • What else is possible here that I have not considered?
  • What is great about me that I have never acknowledged? 

When asking questions, you are never looking for an answer, you are looking for what is possible beyond what you’ve already decided is so.

3. Look for what is possible, not what is wrong.

We are taught to judge and shape ourselves based on what we have done wrong, often going to what went wrong, so you can fix it and make it right. What if nothing was right and nothing was wrong? What choice would you have available then? Start every day asking, how does it get any better than this? And every moment will get greater. Even those moments during that day that you think are “wrong” ask this question and allow more and more possibilities to show up.

It doesn’t matter where you came from, who your parents were or where you are now. Success comes from you being willing to see what is great about you that you have not been willing to look at before. What can you acknowledge about you today that you have never acknowledged before? What if you are far greater than you or anyone has ever acknowledged?

And, last but not least, what if the purpose of life is to have fun? Are you having any?


Brendon Watt is a speaker, entrepreneur, business and life mentor. He is the Australian CFO of Access Consciousness®, a set of simple-yet-profound tools currently transforming lives in 173 countries, and the facilitator of several special Access programs including Joy of Business. Drawing upon his transformation from a struggling tradesman and single dad to global speaker, Brendon facilitates classes and workshops all over the world, encouraging others to step out of judgement and into a more authentic, fulfilling life.

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