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What Is Cell Phone Spy Software – And What Can It Do?


Cell phone spy software is often also called spy apps or spyware. However, monitoring software is a more appropriate and legally appreciated term. These are basically applications that allow you to monitor devices secretly as well as obtain information from them. They run in the background silently in the device they’re installed in and can not be detected by the users.

Such apps are capable of retrieving and recording various types of sensitive information. In fact, these applications are capable of gaining a lot more information than people usually think. But all the legal spy software have certain restrictions that allow slightly limited features.

What purposes can they serve?

They are very commonly used by a wide range of users for various reasons. For example, parents to monitor their children, employers to keep track of employees and even for partners who are suspicious about their spouses cheating. They can also be used for protection of one’s own device and tracking the device incase it is ever lost or misplaced.

What Can Spy Softwares Do?

Cell phone spyware software has been around in app stores for a long time now, and have updates considerably as well. There are a huge number of cell phone spy software that offers a very wide array of features that allow the user to obtain and monitor almost all activity on the device.

A smartphone with internet access can easily be subjected to spy software and monitored. But the phone being subjected to monitoring should be compatible with the spyware being used. There are a lot of different spy softwares that supports different phones, tablets, and iPads.

That being said, let’s take a look at what these apps can help you with.

Basic Features.

Most of the spy software come with a range of basic features. Some spy softwares offer different packages which include varying features, with more advanced features at an exclusive price. The basic features are also at times available for a free trial period to be tested. These features include:

Reading Text Messages:

Contents of all sent and received text messages, along with their time and date stamps can be monitored.

Call logs with details:

You can keep an eye on the incoming, outgoing and even missed calls. The phone numbers, time and duration of all calls can also be obtained.

Web browsing history:

All the websites which are visited by the user, using the phone’s browser can also be monitored.

Tracking device location:

The real live location of the device can be tracked on a map, which is very accurate. It also informs about the recent movements of the device. It is a key feature in tracking device when lost or stolen.

Monitoring emails on the device:

Just like with text messages the contents and details of the emails can be obtained, including the id of the person receiving or sending emails from/to the user.

Monitoring phone storage:

Most of the spy softwares also allow you access to the files stored on the phone. These may include pictures, videos, contacts, events, documents and all sorts of personal files stored on the phone.

Advanced Features.

With a day to day updates of spy softwares, the software providers come up with new and better features for better competition of their softwares. These exclusive features are also present in most of the spy softwares, but they come at a little extra cost. These include:

Recording Call and Surroundings:

Not only can you record a conversation going on, on a call, you can also activate the microphone using the spy software and record the surroundings.

Monitor Instant Messaging Services:

These softwares can also allow you to monitor IMs such as Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage, etc.

Monitor Social Media Apps:

Various social media activities on popular networks such as Facebook and Twitter can also be monitored.

Remote Control:

Spy software also allows remote control use of the target phone with complete control of the device

Monitor and Control of Installed Apps:

You can not only monitor, but also remotely control all of the applications installed on the device.

Triggers, Alerts, and Notifications:

You can set triggers and alerts on specific words, numbers or contacts and receive a notification when the trigger has been set off.

These are not all, but only the most highlighted features that spy softwares usually offer.


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