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How redtag.ca Helps You Save On Your Next Entrepreneurial Venture


If you are running your own business, traveling is par for the course. Often, travel costs can be among the top expenses for entrepreneurs but there are ways to cut down on your spending.

Business travel has been contributing over $10 trillion USD annually over the past few years, according to Statista. It has been estimated that there are over 400 million business trips taken each year.

The majority of companies spend nearly $1,000 per person, if it is a domestic trip and over $2,500 for international travel.

As the cost of airfares, car rentals and accommodation continues to rise, travel spending for businesses has only increased. The biggest contributors have been lodging, food and beverages, airfare and car rental.

On a positive note, an increase in travel spending among businesses has also been paralleled with greater online resources for finding some of the best travel deals.

redtag.ca, one of Canada’s leading retail travel agencies, is one such resource.  In its fourteen plus years, redtag.ca has succeeded in streamlining the travel process and giving its customers the best option for their needs, whether a traveler is looking for an all-in vacation package or they want to build the trip themselves by booking hotels, flights and car rentals separately. redtag.ca also offers last minute deals for those times when you just need to escape before you burnout.

redtag.ca partners with some of the top companies in travel including: Sunquest Vacations, WestJet Vacations, Air Canada Vacations, Signature Vacations, and Transat, which means they are in the loop when it comes the top discounts and deals. They also offer a Best Price Guarantee so that customers know they are getting the top deal on their travel plans.

The company is licensed in the province of Ontario. The Travel Industry Council of Ontario oversees the business and redtag.ca strictly adheres to all requirements and regulations of the Council.

As travelling has been know to be a successful character-developing experience for business owners, you may even want to get in on a group vacation with other entrepreneurs in your circle or industry. You can not only see a new part of the world, but can even learn new approaches to your business.

For those looking for the best deal who are short on time, redtag.ca has compiled a lowest price calendar. This is where you can quickly find the best prices, available dates and star ratings plus more.

The costs of travelling for business are not going away, but it is good to know that resources like redtag.ca provide a one-stop shop platform where you can find the best travel deals online. From the lowest airfares, hotel rates, travel packages, car rentals and more, the Canadian-based travel company aims to provide business travelers the best service as well as the best price.