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[ADV] Chantel Grant And GM Law Firm – Authenticity In The Face Of Debt Collection


A typical day for Chantel Grant starts the minute she opens her emails and listens to her voicemails, checking in with clients to see if they have experienced any issues or have recently been harassed by a debt collector. From there she schedules time to call each new client, making sure they know what to do in order to get the most out of her representation. It is never too early to make sure that they are ready for the fight, and can locate letters or legal documents detailing any collection activity from their creditors.

This is the life of a consumer law and debt resolution attorney, especially one that cares about their clients. Chantel has spent her legal career fighting debt collection cases. She landed a job as a consumer defense attorney right out of law school, fighting back against credit card companies and debt collectors. As a first job she was not expecting to fall in love with it, but the more she worked in the field, the more she enjoyed finding justice for the underdog. She ended up finding the fight against the private student loan and credit card companies to be rewarding.

After obtaining her Doctor of Law from St. Thomas University School of Law, Grant combined her knowledge and passion to defend against credit card, medical, and private student loan lawsuits. Since, Chantel has spent her legal career fighting debt collection cases with GM Law Firm, LLC in Boca Raton, Florida. Her focus on debt defense and violations of federal acts is all in the name of protecting consumers.

After checking in with her clients, Chantel meets with her litigation team to go over upcoming deadlines for each day and make sure all hearings are being covered. She spends a lot of time drafting responses to lawsuits and preparing for trials and hearings, collecting the call logs and letters that clients have received. She reviews them for FDCPA, FCRA, or TCPA violations before reaching out to the creditors and debt collectors who have violated her client’s rights, negotiating dismissals or damage amounts that should be paid to her clients.

With the many clients she has helped, Chantel still remembers her first. One of her hardest fought cases, her client had borrowed $10,000 to bury her daughter after her daughter was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. The installment loan creditor was charging her $120,000 for her $10,000 loan. Chantel was able to get her loan dismissed because the creditor was charging illegal interest rates and was unable to provide the written contract, the basis of their lawsuit.

It was this win, and this type of case, that catapulted Chantel into the field of consumer defense law. While many other lawyers may not find it as appealing as criminal law, Chantel finds the fight against collection agencies more worthwhile. In addition to helping clients, she also takes time each week to train new attorneys, legal assistants, and paralegals on the proper procedures and protocols. Since very few lawyers want to take these cases, and most lawyers do not represent student loan lawsuits at all, she has taken it upon herself to find those who will, and act as a leader against debt injustices.

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