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How To Measure ROI On HR Consulting Services


Until and unless you possess complete HR data, you can’t decide which areas of your business to invest your resources on.

Here we will mention some ways to measure the ROI of HR consulting services to help you make better investment-related decisions.

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Return On Investment (ROI).

So, what is ROI?

ROI is Return On Investment which means that it is actually the cash that you make from your investment.

Calculating ROI is important for businesses and companies that are opting for HR consulting services. Measuring ROI is not a new concept and has been going on for decades.

Previously it was mainly applicable on stock investments, but in recent years this concept has started covering the branches of human capital investment. So, there is an increase in demand of getting positive returns on capitalising in HR processes.

Nowadays, the HR programs involve critical examination of data and information. Therefore, there is a need for measuring ROI to determine the impact and efforts of HR’s work.

Measuring ROI.

To measure ROI, the HR experts have to track their successes. The top companies and businesses align strategic objectives with HR measurements. The companies can track various strategic, operational and financial measurements by creating balanced scorecards.

You should note HR metrics to get a complete overview of the activities of the HR, because to manage the department, you need to measure their performance.

You can consider these metrics:

  • Cost of one hired person.
  • Time taken to fill the empty position.
  • Diversity in work environment.
  • Employees satisfaction
  • Total operating expenses.
  • Total training hours.
  • Total number of trained employees.
  • Benefits and compensation.
  • Absentees of the employees.
  • Employee turnover rates.

Developing the ROI Process.

First of all, you need to define the data types and different levels of evaluation through a framework. Reaction from participants is the first type of data. Generic surveys and questionnaires can be carried out to measure this type of data.

Secondly, you can calculate the actual ROI by creating a step-by-step procedure through a process model. The HR department should have a proper set of objectives. These can range from creating a goal for the ROI to establishing objectives for satisfaction. After that, work on the documentation and data collection part.

The third step is to define a set of operating standards. The next stage is to address issues such as internal skill building, goals, guidelines, procedures, policies, and responsibilities. The final part is to make use of case applications to exhibit how ROI works in a company.

Measuring or calculating ROI for HR consulting services is not simple and easy. So, take your time to develop an effective plan to test out the above mentioned things.