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How Can Display Advertising Drive Revenue And Brand Loyalty?


In the modern, technological economy, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to make their presence known in the marketplace. This means that to stand out, companies now have to be more creative and ingenious than ever before. Whilst some may see this increased competition as an obstacle to be overcome, it is actually a blessing in disguise. Using the newest and most innovative marketing techniques, you can make your business stand out like never before, and reach your target market with greater efficiency.

One of these techniques is display advertising. Display advertisements utilise visual elements to grab the attention of your target market, such as eye-catching text, graphics, animations, and videos. Using techniques such as these, display advertisements are placed on websites and apps that you know are popular with your target market, further increasing the amount of potentially interested customers who view your adverts.

Driving revenue.

Display advertising can help to drive revenue increases for your company by increasing your brand awareness. Whilst search advertising can reach audiences that are willing to buy, display advertisements can help to stimulate the initial interest in your company’s product or service. In a world where distraction and information overload is rife, creating an eye-catching and visually stimulating display advertisement can ensure that your marketing campaigns have a higher reach than would otherwise be achieved by other forms of advertising. A much greater amount of people will have the potential to view your company’s advertisement, and thus your company’s brand awareness can grow much faster than would otherwise be the case.

Furthermore, whereas adopting a “shotgun” approach with other forms of marketing may be ineffective, with display advertising that is the essential component of its success. Display advertisement is just one part of your company’s marketing operations, and is able to utilise the marketing opportunity provided by the internet, thereby completing the “circle” of your company’s marketing programmes. By creating a few visually stimulating display ads, many different websites and apps can be targeted, thus reducing the financial and manpower input whilst still receiving substantial (if not greater) brand awareness.

Growing brand loyalty.

Once display advertisements have increased your brand awareness (and therefore revenues), how does your company take advantage of this to increase your brand loyalty? As previously mentioned, the costs of creating new display ads and running various campaigns on different websites or apps is marginal, therefore display advertisement lends itself very well to retargeting. Once marketing data can confirm that display advertisements on certain websites are performing well, your marketing team can then design new advertisements that continually engage your target audience, aiming to turn first-time customers into repeat customers, and repeat customers into a long-term, loyal audience.

The ability of display advertisements to easily and cost-effectively target various different audiences, in various different ways, allows your company to cultivate a much more personal relationship with your target audience than would otherwise be possible with traditional marketing methods. When customers are repeatedly faced with ever-changing, personalised advertisements, that show a high level of awareness for their individual tastes and preferences, they will be much more likely to become customers as they feel treated like people rather than wallets to be squeezed dry.

With the tech savvy, millennial generation set to become the dominant force in the market over the next few decades, customers expect a high level of technological awareness going hand-in-hand with a personal touch. Display advertisements capture this sentiment more than any other form of traditional marketing techniques, showing that a company appreciates the importance of digital solutions, whilst also making an effort to engage with the consumer on a personal level.


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