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Al Fresco Livelihood – A Guide To Lucrative Office-Free Careers


There aren’t many things which are more enticing than spending the day in the warm sun and clear air; freed from the burdens of a cooped-up office cubicle.

Space and oxygen can do a lot for our modern, stressed-out brains, and people wanting to reconnect with a happier, more fulfilled version of themself are carving out careers by (quite literally) stepping outside the box.

You’ve Been Served.

Good food and good weather make a formidable combination. Imagine if there were a fun and fruitful way to combine the two into a rewarding career…

Food trucks are the business venture you might have been waiting for. Combining fresh, fun food with a fast and modern presentation, food trucks offer you the freedom of a mobile and mutable business, with a stable, steady stream of income.

As an added bonus, if you’re looking to buy a food truck, there’s never been a better time. The food truck sector of the hospitality industry has seen massive growth in recent years, and the idea of what a food truck can produce and represent to to people has evolved hugely since the early days of ice-cream trucks and hot-dog vans. Food trucks can be as sophisticated or as complex as you’re willing to make them, and can be independent or part of a larger, franchised chain. The options (and the opportunities) are limitless.

Green Fingers.

Gardening. Horticulture. Permaculture. If you’re the owner of a green thumb and enjoy getting your hands dirty, these words should offer you the promise of endless joy and career satisfaction.

With the issue of food security becoming more prevalent, and with a greater community desire for locally grown and organic produce, the need for specialist gardeners and horticulture specialists has exceeded the current supply.

Long gone are the days of English country gardens, hedges and roses. Today’s gardeners are the protectors of local habitats; providing the frontline for greater environmental and resource management. It’s a career choice worthy of any person with a desire to help the planet and plant a more beautiful future.

Give Me A Sign.

Traffic management might not seem like a lucrative or interesting career, but it’s much, much more than simply holding up an oversized, labelled lollipop in the path of traffic.

With the massive growth of the building and construction industries comes a need for traffic management specialists, who can create efficient workarounds and safe passage for areas affected by construction activity or closure. Trained traffic management specialists can command a hefty daily fee, and have the freedom to contract themselves to locations as their schedules and desires allow. For an outdoor career that can take you places, it’s one not to overlook.

The Casual Pool.

Looking to dive into an active, healthy lifestyle? Love the idea of helping motivate people to achieve their goals and be driven to more healthy habits? Personal trainers are in high demand, and their scope extends far beyond the whir of gym machines and sweaty group fitness rooms.

To become a personal trainer requires a dedication to the pursuit of best-practice techniques and specialised theory of movement and muscle development. Formal study can teach these things, as well as providing you with accreditation and initial workplace experience.

Personal trainers have the option to conduct their sessions in almost any location. Public spaces such as beaches and parks often appeal to clients who may shy away from traditional gyms. It’s also a ‘portable’ career choice – a personal trainer can apply their skills in any country (with the correct accreditation, of course).

Office-free careers offer you the chance to stretch your legs (and your mettle) in an uncluttered, uncomplicated way. They also offer you the ability to think on your feet, and to live a healthier, more-connected life.


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