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[ADV] Why Investment In Gold Is Always Preferable


People love to make easy and quick profits, and forex market is the place where people feel they can do it. We shouldn’t forget the fact that forex market – no doubt gives you high profit – is a game of risks where you have chances of losing all of your investment.

A single wrong decision can make your investment in just a day, hour, a minute or even in few seconds. And then you will have nothing but regrets for the whole life.

How to play little safer in this market?

There are specific ideas to play safely in the forex market. Keep the leverage lower so that you may not face the grief of 100% loss of investment. But this safety will cost you in the form of lower profit. Lower leverage will not only keep the loss minimum, but it will keep your profit to a minimum level as well.

The other idea is to follow some expert who rarely fails. There are a good number of experts in the market which put trades and 90% of their trades end in profit. Find such champions and follow them. Keep an eye on them and as the put some trade, copy them. The chances are that you will be getting rich with them with no extra risk or cost.

The third idea is to deal in commodities. Commodities trade is safer than currencies. Most traded commodities are Gold and Oil. Gold is considered most favorite commodity in online or forex trading market. There are several reasons behind this preference:

You can trade Gold anything in any part of the world at the real market price with the minimum loss as Gold is the most precious metal in the universe.

When there’s uncertainty in the country, Gold is considered the most secure investment. Instability in the economy and politics can devalue the currency of the country, and hence you may have to bear the loss in forex trading. But gold proves to be a king in such situations. It is the safe investment. Just buy gold and wait for the golden days.

Factors that Affect Gold Market.

The gold market is also based on speculation like forex market so you can enjoy some sort of profit while trading in Gold. These speculations, assumptions and Gold Forecast are based on news and event happening in the world. Like forex market, the Gold market also gets a substantial impact from the news. Here below we are going to mention some factors which can affect the gold prices:

Most of the gold in the world is in the Middle East and Africa. So if you hear the news about war or disaster in these regions, then Gold prices will change dramatically.

Due to market economy derived by the forces of demand and supply, there are chances of Global Inflation. Such Global Inflation can cause an increase in the price of Gold as people feel that this is the only investment which will result in profit. Otherwise keeping cash will reduce your wealth due to inflation.

Oil supply and threats to oil supply can also affect the prices of Gold.

Keep an eye on the events and news and if it’s relating to the factors we discussed, be ready for the changes in the prices of Gold.