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Currency trading is the recent fad prevalent in the economic world. The daily fluctuations in the value of currency provide an opportunity to the traders to earn profits arising out of difference between the current value and change in value.

Trading in foreign currency is not possible everywhere and therefore one requires a certain platform where buyers, sellers and brokers are able to interact with each other to strike a deal. This gives rise to the forex trade markets all around the world.

About the company.

Admiral Markets is a globally recognized Forex trading platform for  company meant to make currency trading all around the world more convenient and accessible. Founded in the year 2001 under the Admiral Markets trademark, the company expanded its range and reach to become the leading service providers in online currency trading. It is a global holding company, the subsidiaries of which provide facilities for trading currencies, stocks, metals, etc.

Since its inception, the company has earned its reputation of being an international entity having obtained regulatory licenses in Cyprus, Estonia, Australia and all the major parts of Europe. The company mainly focuses on being a forex broker dealing in 145 instruments that includes 55 forex pairs and 90 CFDs and providing a plethora of platforms to its customers as MT4 Supreme add-on to choose from.


The primary aim of the company is to provide convenience to the client to access any type of financial market along with providing the clients with sufficient information on currency trading, terms of trade and offering them the support they require. The company believes in the client-oriented approach and therefore functions with the objective of ensuring that every client is prepared enough to deal with trading situations and make smart trading decisions.

Platforms and tools.

Admiral markets being primarily a MetaTrader broker, provides a variety of platform choices to the traders to operate which includes platforms that support automated trading systems like MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5. However, the most striking feature of admiral markets as a MetaTrader broker is its MT4 Supreme offering which comprises of a panel of 12 experts and 20 custom indicators.


Admiral markets won the award for being the Best MT4 broker in the forex awarded hosted by Shares Magazine and organized by UK IN THE YEAR 2015. The New Europe magazine also rated it as ‘Best of the Best’ and the following are the features that make it a standout among its contemporaries:

User friendly – One of the major reasons why the company is trusted by the customers is because it offers the desired convenience to them. All the information is presented in simple and easy to understand language and format so that it becomes easy for the user to understand. The company makes sure to display all the necessary information in details that are also not at all complicated to understand.

Autochartist – Well, the name says it all. Autochartist is the world’s most powerful tool that is designed with the intention to provide the automatic identification of chart and Fibonacci patterns. The technology used in the tool allows the user to scrutinize thousands of Forex financial devices.

24 hours trading – The company provides the option of 24 hours trading so that the customers can invest or withdraw funds as and when needed. As per the policy, the trader will not have to face any inconvenience when it comes to withdrawal of invested funds even at midnight.

PowerStats – Another useful feature provided by the company for the convenience of its customers is the PowerStats which guides the user through important statistics regarding the instruments they trade in. It greatly helps them while setting stop-loss and take-profit levels and also provides them information about assessment of risk and volatility.

Customer service – The excellent customer service offered by the company ensures that all the queries of the customers shall be resolved within few minutes. The customer executives are available round the clock and also provide the choice of multiple languages so that customer is able to communicate in the language he likes to. The languages include all the major ones across the world.

Demo account – in order to provide training to the amateur traders, the company also allows them to open demo forex accounts to give them the required training and guidance before they start trading on international levels. Anyone who is new in the field or new to trading can take help by signing up to a demo account which provides a real environment to the users so that they can learn from it.

Multiple banking methods – The Company also offers ample of banking options to suit the needs of every individual. Deposits can be made by means of master card, BankWire, Skrill, Neteller, etc. this makes sure that no one would have to face any inconvenience and can keep dealing in the same medium.


Admiral markets deals in the wide variety of products ranging from currency to commodities to shares and other securities. Some of the major products dealt by the company are-

Forex – Currency trade or what is popularly known as forex is basically about dealing in currencies all across the world through a decentralized market. The traders involved in it make profit out of difference in values of currencies.

CFD – CFD or a contract for difference is a financial tool that enables the trader to speculate on the rise or fall in the prices of instruments like shares, indices, currencies and commodities. The company provides a suitable environment to invest in CFDs and earn profits out of it.

Cryptocurrency – By means of the platform provided by admiral markets, one can also deal easily in cryptocurrencies or digital currencies. The company provides a suitable environment to suit the needs of traders. These facilities include offering multiple leverage, setting minimum lot size, etc.

Thus, Admiral Markets is a company that has always put the interests of its customers above everything else and has constantly expanded its reach as a result of which the company has established itself as a global player.