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Four Types Of Videos That Every Business Can Use


You probably have a long list of marketing goals. You might be doing some traditional advertising in local papers or on the radio. You are probably trying to stay on top of online marketing with emails and blog articles. Well, there’s another marketing strategy you should add to your list — video.

A composed video can do wonders for your business.  Benefits include:

  • Increasing conversions and sales
  • Building trust with your customers
  • Enhancing your presence on search engines
  • Encouraging shares on social media websites

Unfortunately, many businesses avoid video because the idea of composing one can seem overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be!

A professional video company will make the process easy. You just have to decide what kind of video you want to create!

1. Commercial Video.

When most people think of marketing videos, commercials come to mind. A well-done video commercial is still a great way to promote any business.

A video can definitely be created for television, but don’t think your ad has to run on TV for it to be effective. Commercial videos that are uploaded and used online can be just as, if not more effective, than traditional commercials.

2. Animated Explainer Video.

Explainer videos are becoming very popular with businesses, especially businesses with a product or service that can be a bit difficult to understand. For example, cloud services, IT, and marketers love using videos to explain what they have to offer customers.

A live-action explainer video is an option, but many companies are using animated explainer videos instead. By choosing the right colors and the right style of animation, you can create a video that fits right in with your marketing materials. These videos look right at home on your website and can be used on YouTube, social media, and other searchable sites.

3. Company Story Video.

Customers today are concerned about the quality of the products and services they buy, but they also want to know who they are buying from. That’s where the company story video comes in.

This type of video is a great way to introduce your company culture, philosophy, and specific members of your team. It is a great way to create loyalty and connect on a personal level with clients with the purpose of increasing your bottom line.

4. Case Study Videos.

Customer reviews are often overlooked by businesses, but they are important. They are even better if some of those reviews go a little deeper. That’s what case study videos enable you to do.

This type of video enables you to interview a client so they can tell their story about their experience with your business. They are the perfect video to add to newsletters, upload to social media, and they can be used in blog articles and on various pages throughout your website.

If you’re looking for a new and interesting way to refresh your marketing strategy, consider one of these videos. When you discover how it can enhance your business, you’ll want to get started right away on the next video!



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