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Using Your Development Team To Create A Scheduling App


There is a multitude of scheduling apps that suit the needs for different businesses. The most common one is the scheduling of calls or meetings. We need to find free time on the calendars of multiple people and bring them together.

In this post, we’ll talk about another type of schedule.

Scheduling staff work.

Scheduling is important to help keep work organized, especially if its shift work with a large number of staff involved in the project. These are the most common industries that can benefit from a cloud-based scheduling app:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Schools and universities
  • Construction companies

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Scheduling App?

Usually, the cost to develop a web-based scheduling system for your business depends on how much time you can spend updating and preparing the schedule.

For instance, if you create a schedule bi-annually and use it for one day, but your employees resolve expectations and conflicts by themselves, then you don’t have to create a scheduling app for your employees.

However, if you have hundreds of employees with multiple branches and you have to update schedules for each branch regularly, then developing a cloud-based scheduling system and automating it will pay off quickly. For instance, construction companies will find a lot of use in creating custom employee scheduling software.

And, we must understand that the cost varies depending on the developers’ experience and the business requirements. We suggest that you talk to outsource developers in order to find out how much the software costs. On average, you should have a $10,000 budget to make a basic app for your employees in your company.

How to Make Employee Scheduling Software.

There isn’t one “right” schedule that fits for all business operations. Some are able to satisfy the general requirements for your business (however, these might not exist). So, you need to simplify your schedule and sort out each possible option, evaluate them and find out which schedule is better than the rest.

Next, you need to choose an algorithm to help automate the scheduling software. In this case, we’ll use a genetic algorithm.

  • We create a number of random schedules.
  • If one of them suits us, we use it, and the algorithm stops.
  • Then, we analyze the schedule and choose the best options.
  • We copy the best options and apply the random mutations (changes) to them as long as it doesn’t reach a certain number of options.
  • Determine the appropriate options and schedule comparison.

To make the next generation, we have to compare the multiple options available and determine which one is the best. The easiest method is to evaluate every option with numbers. Take a list of criteria and make a function that helps evaluate how your schedule option meets the binary criteria (0 and 1). Evaluating the option will help assess the schedule and obtain the average rating. If your criteria aren’t equal, you must take a weighted average.

Create Exceptions.

The main problem with most plans, including schedules, is that people need to follow them, but people can be unreliable. So don’t forget to give your scheduling app exceptions to your rules so that your workers can stay on task:

  • Cancel shifts due to emergencies and employee illness
  • Add overtime shifts
  • Change employees

Mobile Devices and Availability.

Speaking of unreliable employees – if your schedule isn’t available, it won’t help your business. That’s why you need to create a scheduling app that’s available to all employees. We suggest that you make a mobile (read-only) app for employees so that they continue to use it and be held accountable if they don’t use it.


We believe that your scheduling app needs to be useful and applicable to all of your employees in your business. By doing so, you increase worker productivity and operate better in daily tasks. Thus, keep your app updated so that your business can grow and function smoothly.

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