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The Future Is Now! Startups Need To Immerse Customers


Getting up the morning and going out after getting ready, to go to your very own business. Startups are and always have been where the future lies in the world of business. Governments all around the globe are pinning their hopes of better economic output in people who want to be the ones who push humanity forward.

The young entrepreneurs of the world are going to be the main group that immerses their consumers and customers into the future. It may seem subtle as people have been waiting for this for a long time, but security is becoming more and more personable.

How else can consumers feel as if they really do matter to businesses if they feel confident with handing over their personal information?

Fingerprint scanning.

The latest and greatest smartphones have pretty much conquered the fingerprint scanner. The basics are you place your index finger over a sensor which reads your fingerprint and makes a digital data picture of it. When you wish to unlock your phone, you simply put your finger on the scanner again, and within one second, the phone will unlock after confirming it really is your finger. Startups must now implement this technology into their apps. Onscreen readers are coming onto the market finally as the scanners were at first only available on the back of smartphones. Hence whenever your customers want to log back into their accounts, they can simply put their fingers on the sensor or now on the phone screen.

Face scanning.

Perhaps even easier than fingerprint scanning, facial recognition is definitely becoming the most popular security feature. Far from just a novelty experience, facial recognition software is now just as advanced as fingerprint scanning. Consumers now have a complex and rather tall wall as their security. Remember that one day, signing into a consumer account with email and passwords will not just be seen as lacking innovation, but in the social and cultural scheme of things, it will be ‘uncool’. Again for your apps, you can and should implement this as a way for people to log into their accounts. Moreover, your startup can utilize the services of professionals in this field that have KYC, PCI & AML compliant identity verification standards. The top smartphone brands will have their own facial feature identification software, but for a more complex and safer alternative, specialists are the better option.

Voice scanning.

Understanding wavelengths, pitch, tone, dialect and accent are all part and parcel of a good voice recognition software. It’s just another layer of easy yet intricate security that should be part of your protection protocol of customers. You can set the validation question such as asking their name, age and or gender. Once they have recorded their voice answering these questions, all of the above will be analysed. Thus they can open their accounts, apps and or confirm purchases smoother and faster than before.

Let the big business worry about if they are or aren’t up to date with the current security trends. Startups are here to challenge the large corporations, and one way that has been proven to be successful is to bring the future to the present.