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5 Proven Strategies For Staying Motivated When You Work At Home


The nature of the workforce is changing. More and more people are working from home these days. Although there’s definitely something alluring about the ability to work without a boss breathing down your neck (not to mention working in your pyjamas!) there are some challenges to working from home, especially in terms of productivity.

Here, we’ll discuss some strategies you can use to increase your productivity when you are working from home.

Look the part.

I know, I know – I just said there’s something so attractive about being able to work in your pyjamas. And that’s great if you can be productive that way. The reality is, though, some people can’t. For some people, getting up and getting dressed is a very effective way to set the stage for a productive work day. What you wear isn’t as important as how it makes you feel. Wear whatever makes you feel ready to take on the day.

Have a dedicated space.

One of the biggest obstacles to productivity for work-at-homers is the ability to separate their work life from their home life. Having a dedicated work space not only creates a physical barrier between your work life and your home life, it helps to create a psychological barrier, too. When you can make that separation, it’s easier to stay on task and avoid distractions.

Move around!

Sitting is the new smoking. We’ve all heard that, right? A sedentary lifestyle is not only bad for your health, it’s also a hindrance to your productivity. If you make time to get up and move around, go for a short walk, stretch, etc. periodically throughout your work day, you’ll come back to your desk refreshed and ready to get refocused.

Stick to a schedule.

One of the biggest benefits of working from home is that you can set your own schedule. But it’s important that you do set a schedule. Having too much flexibility in your work day can lead to procrastination and lack of productivity. Set a schedule that allows you some fluidity in your work day, but that keeps you moving toward your goals.

Keep track of your time.

It’s very easy to get distracted when you don’t have someone to report to. We’ve all fallen down the black hole that is social media, for example.

Small business expert Shaun McGowan says, “when you work from home, it’s easy to underestimate exactly how much time these distractions take away from our work day. There are lots of online tools you can use to keep track of how much time you spend on social media as compared to how long you spend on your word processing tasks. This can be your own built-in way of staying accountable and on task. Checkout Chrome App StayFocusd, it increases your productivity by limiting the amount of time that you can spend on time-wasting websites”.

Productivity is not always optimal when you work from home. There is no one around to check your work, to keep you on task, or to whom you need to report. These tips will help to keep you on track so that you can get your work done and get on with the business of the rest of your life!


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