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WordPress Errors: What You Need To Know


Ever since the existence of WordPress about 13 years ago, this tool has been providing millions of people around the world with a safe and secure means to earn hundreds and thousands of dollars just by the power of their online presence. By helping people build their own websites, businesses, and careers online, this tool has lead to the revolution of online marketing with the help of its user-friendly and crisp features.

But one thing that we have learned from the world is that nothing is as perfect as you want it to be. WordPress is no exception either. Yes, your favorite business tool comes up with some issues and problems as well.

The Errors In The WordPress Platform.

There are a lot of people using the WordPress platform and it often means that things do not go as smoothly as planned and there are many issues and errors on the way. There are some common errors on WordPress that users often face. If you are a new user, then it is likely that you will face them too. But don’t despair, people. WordPress has got such a supportive and vast community of users that where there are problems, there are solutions to fix them as well.

This is exactly the whole point of the article. We are here to tell you about some of the most common errors that you will encounter in the WordPress world and we’ll tell you about the solutions as well.

Safety Always Comes First In The Form of Backups.

Before you actually go and learn about the errors, it is important to backup the important files in your desktop to make sure that the changes don’t affect those files when you make them. In this way, the chances of losing your data become less when something goes wrong with your WordPress site. All you have to do is go back to your backed up files and you are all good to go.

Backups of the files can be performed with the help of the web host services that are provided by any web hosting company. 000webhost. com, for one, is a worthy name on that list that provides amazing services of backup for the data that you want to save. You could also take the help of the WordPress plugins to make sure that your data is safe. There are many plugins such as Duplicator, BackupBuddy, VaultPress, and much more other options for helping you out.

It doesn’t matter which tool you pick for backing up the data, just ensure that it is properly functioning before things start to go wrong.

What Tools Would You Need.

Well, the first tool that you would need is not a physical one. Rather, you need to have a cool mind when things like that happen. Panic won’t be able to help you out in these cases. You will find out after some experience that the errors are really not that harmful and the solutions are easy to find as well.

Apart from all of that, you will also need these tools:

  • An FTP client to help you out
  • A text editor of your choice

When you have these tools with you then you are all set for the errors.

Some Common WordPress Errors And The Solutions.

Here are some WordPress errors that you might face with time.

The ‘White Screen Of Death’: This is a nickname for an apparent white screen that provides no information to the user. Much like the Blue Screen of Death in Windows, it can be as annoying to the user as you won’t have anything displayed on your screen o know the exact situation. We think that the database and the PHP errors are the main reason behind such an annoying error. But the relief here is that you will be able to fix it I an easy way by deactivating the plugins and reinstalling WordPress.

Error Establishing Database Connection: The name of the message is indication enough for that. It states that you will not be able to access the said database due to some particular reasons. The blame of it can be put on a number of possibilities. To begin with, the modification of the database configuration could be responsible. Due to that the wp-confg.php file gets disconfigured and causes the error. You can fix it by checking the mentioned file. Follow 000webhost.com for detailed guide on fixing this error.

Error 404: This is another one of the most common issues that the users face. Misconfiguration is the root of the issues. The error 404 is certainly a well-known enemy of the WordPress accounts. The error merely affects the versions that are Front-End and have got individual pages. You will not be able to reach the content even though it is present on the site. These errors can be easily fixed with a little updating of the page. You might also have to check for errors in the permalink and fix it

Internal Server Error: This type of error in WordPress is another common example of an error that you might come up with if you are a regular user. In this particular type of error, you will find that the issue lies in the server. The server of the site isn’t really able to figure out the problem on the site and that is what makes it so annoying. The message on the board saying Internal Server Error doesn’t make things easier as well. For fixing it, you need to check the .htaccess file and see the problem. Remove it and all will be well.

No Posts Matching The Criteria: There are often times when after searching with the correct criteria, you find a message that says that no posts match your search. Well, the problem here might be with the browser and the cookies of the site. Make sure that you check them out and you will be able to fix the problems easily.

Wrapping Up.

WordPress errors can certainly be a nuisance. But fixing them is just as easy. All you got to do is have a cool mind and the perfect solution – sometimes with just the right WordPress plugin – and you are all set.