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5 Ways To Boost Your Twitter Following In 2018

These days, just about everyone has a Twitter account. (Yes, some people even maintain accounts for their pets.) With over 330 active users per month in late 2017, the idea of making a big splash in the Twittersphere can seem pretty daunting.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of five easy ways to you can boost your Twitter following in 2018. If you’re sick of having fewer followers than your friend’s Chihuahua, read on.

1. Be Real.

Whether your Twitter account is to promote your company or your personal brand, users don’t want to follow a faceless corporate entity. Your profile picture should be a headshot that reminds users that you’re real and relatable. Have fun with it, showcase your personality and save corporate branding, like your logo, for your Twitter background.

2. Tweet More Often.

In the fast-paced digital world, not tweeting regularly can be enough to totally diminish your online presence. Buffer recently released a report that proved a direct correlation between tweeting more and getting more followers. To receive maximum engagement from your tweets, consider scheduling them for optimum times of day. A quick Google search will tell you the best posting times for your desired audience.

3. Schedule Your Posts.

You’re a busy person. You won’t always have time to come up with pithy and engaging tweets during peak hours. That’s where a tool like Hootsuite or Sproutsocial comes in. Both have free options and can be used to write and schedule your posts ahead of time. Keeping your posts consistent and regular will increase your overall visibility on Twitter. More visibility equals higher engagement. Higher engagement = more followers!

4. Use Visuals.

Although Twitter isn’t as known for images as the other big social media platforms, adding graphics to your tweets can still help them stand out. Evidence shows that tweets with inline images receive up to 18% more engagement than text posts. Infographics are particularly useful, as they can be used to get an important message across in a visually interesting way. Personal photos, like those seen on the Lori Janeson Twitter account, are also effective, as they humanize your brand.

5. Fill Out Your Bio.

It might seem obvious, but filling out your Twitter information correctly can play a significant role in improving your online visibility. Be sure to use relevant keywords in your bio to improve your rank in search engines and include your nearest city to gain the attention of locals. Additionally, consider leaving links to your other social media platforms to improve your digital authority and alert fans to other places they can find your content.

6. Engage with Others.

Twitter is all about engaging with others. That doesn’t just mean following hundreds of users in the hopes that they’ll follow you back. It means really reading what other users are saying and following key influencers in your field. Whether you’re an aspiring makeup artist or the CEO of a tile company, you should identify industry leaders and connect with them. Use the @mention tool to speak to other users directly, as this will encourage them to respond to you in kind and alert their larger follower-base to your account.

Becoming a Twitter superstar doesn’t happen overnight, but by making a few simple changes to your tweeting habits, you’ll quickly see your follower count skyrocket.


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