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5 Services You Haven’t Thought About Outsourcing


Many business owners shy away from outsourcing because they believe it’s easier to control work done in-house, and because they really don’t want to outsource business services. However, it’s very hard to scale a startup with a small team and a small budget.

If you insist on doing everything yourself, it’s likely your business will grow at a very slow pace, and might even hit a plateau of zero growth. In other words, you’ll be stuck at a level where all your resources are stretched to the limits.

Outsourced services can provide a quick solution to this dilemma. You can choose to pass tasks that are not part of your core business to remote specialists, which frees up your in-house resources to focus on growing your core business.

While there are some services that are commonly outsourced, such as customer support and software engineering, there are actually hundreds of other tasks that can be effectively done by outsourcers, thereby helping to scale your business.

Here are 5 outsourcing services that can have a huge impact on helping your business grow:

1. Proofreading.

If your business creates a lot of written content, it can take hours and hours to proofread all of it. In addition, even native speakers often struggle with grammar and spelling.

Also, if your business is small, chances are you don’t have a professional editor for this task, which means it will be carried out by non-specialists, whenever they can find time to fit it in with their other work.

Outsourcing gives you instant access to professional editors with a university degree, who will get the job done in a fraction of the time, and at a lower cost.

2. Data entry.

Every business runs on data. The better you manage your data, the more effective your business efforts are. Unfortunately, that often means many hours spent transferring data manually from one place to another. 

Cleary, data entry is not the best way to make use of your highly paid on-site specialists. Instead you can easily outsource this task, which frees up your staff to do more demanding tasks.

3. Lead generation.

Generating new leads is one of the most important tasks for growing any business. 

However, lead generation often involves a lot of tedious and time-consuming steps, such as finding and listing contact information of potential prospects.

Instead of using your time for these tedious tasks, you can hire an outsourcer to do them systematically every day. That way you’ll get more results faster, while freeing up your own valuable time.

4. Copywriting.

Quality content is essential for any company nowadays, as potential clients will check out your website before they even decide to talk to you.

Copywriting is very different from “ordinary” writing, since it’s crafted to convey your sales message in the most powerful and succinct way possible.

Most people who visit your website have a very short attention span, and you only have a second or less to convince them to engage further with your brand.

Copywriters create attention-grabbing headlines, subheadings, and short paragraphs that present your service in a powerful way, and help to convert website visitors into customers.

Since good copywriting is a highly specialized skill, and is essential for the success of your business, it’s much better to hire copywriting specialists, as in CopyCrafter, rather than trying to figure it yourself.

5. Transcribing video and audio content.

if you or one of your staff members creates valuable video or audio material, it’s a great idea to transcribe that into written content that you can use on your website, social media, etc.

These could be public talks and presentations, seminars, or how-to videos. In any case, they contain valuable content that should be reused. Instead of asking your on-site staff to laboriously transcribe the material, it’s much better to hire an outsourcer to do the job for you.