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Three Ways To Effectively Secure A Company Digitally and Physically


As a business owner, you want to do everything you can to be sure your company’s building or work site is safe and secure after hours. At the same time, you do not want to overspend on superfluous and/or ineffective security products that waste your hard-earned money and are not all they are cracked up to be.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to digitally and physically secure your company that are budget-friendly as well as effective. For example, check out the following ideas:

Remote security guard.

Rather than pay a large amount of money to have someone patrol your company overnight, you may want to look into getting a remote security guard. A virtual security guard combines the benefits of technology and a physical presence to create a super efficient and cost effective security feature. The remote security guard system features two-way audio, instant response, bright lights, the ability to monitor a number of areas in the building 24/7 and a reduced cost compared to hiring a traditional guard. If someone does try to break in, the virtual security guard can provide instant video verification to law enforcement, which reduces the chance of false alarms while improving response times.

Floodlight cameras.

Another effective way to security a company is by installing high-tech cameras that can capture clear footage in the middle of the night. Because these cameras can determine when an animal wanders onto your property as opposed to a person, they can send out more specific alerts as to what might be going on after hours. By installing several of these floodlight cameras at your company at entry areas, you can keep tabs on your property when no one is there, and, in the case of a break in, you will get high-quality footage to present to the authorities.

Electronic keys.

Using electronic keys rather than traditional keys is an effective way to keep a company secure. You can set up the electronic keys for entry and interior doors, and program them to work for a certain period of time and/or to only open certain doors. In the case of an employee leaving the company and not returning the electronic key, the system can be immediately reprogrammed within seconds to deny access to the missing key. Unlike physical keys which are pretty easy to duplicate, it is very difficult to copy an electronic key — this means your access system will be much more secure than a regular lock. As a bonus, some electronic key systems will provide you with a report on when and where each key was used; this will let you know if employees are entering your company after hours and on the weekends when you might not want them to be there.

While you want to make sure your workplace is safe and secure after hours, you pride yourself with being smart with your money and don’t want to pay through the nose for useless technology. By using a budget-friendly remote security guard, investing in high-quality and effective floodlight cameras and an electronic key system, you will go a long way in making sure your company building is as secure as possible.