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[ADV] Choosing The Right Toilet Facilities For Your Next Event


Everyone knows the horror stories of toilets at events and this can stain people’s opinions of your do as a whole. There are two key factors in choosing the right toilets at your event and these are the volume of attendees and the style of toilets that you want.

Here we explore how you can choose the right toilets for your event:

Getting the right volume.

Getting the volume of toilets right is vital and this should always be your starting point. Having too few toilets will give a bad impression, no matter how good they are. The amount you need will depend on two key things: the type of event and the number of people. Daytime events can usually enjoy a smaller number of toilets without a problem because people will come and go without having too great a need of the toilets. If your event has an overnight stay, however, then nature will run its course and the volume of use per person will increase dramatically. This is also true before physical events, such as runs, when the participants may have nervous bowels. You should start by calculating the number of toilets you need based on the recommended usage for each type and the volume of attendees.

The Portaloo.

The most basic offering you can provide at an event is a portaloo, which is also known as a recirculating toilet. These toilets are great for short-term events as they are highly portable and can be moved into place easily and quickly. If fast deployment is especially important to your event, they can also be ordered as moverloos attached to trailers so they can be taken from location to location.

The Toilet Trailer.

The toilet trailer is the next step up in quality and this can offer a level of increased class to the event. They enable you to provide male and female separation, which makes the toilet going experience more pleasant for everyone. Depending on the needs of the event, the formation and quantity of each type of toilet can be adjusted and larger or smaller trailers can be ordered. These toilets offer greater quality and a proper flush that will be appreciated by attendees. This style of toilet can add a bit more value to an event. These toilets are particularly good in camping areas, where attendees have paid a premium.


Urinals take up less space and allow for a quicker turnover of males through the toilets. At some events where there is either sporting activities or alcohol involved, the presence of urinals can dramatically reduce the pressure on other toilets and can help to increase the flow of attendees through the toilets, preventing queuing from occurring. These toilets are available as six man or four man units, but you will normally need to construct some privacy fencing around them to keep these family friendly.

Disabled Units.

You should remember that you need to offer provision for any disabled attendees to your event. Ensure that you have at least one disabled toilet in each location for proper coverage.

Wash stations.

It is also essential to provide wash stations to ensure that hygiene can be maintained at events. While most toilets will include inbuilt wash stations, urinals and some other toilets may not. Ensure that you have an appropriate offering of wash stations and hand sanitisers at your next event. This will also help you if the soap or water runs out in one of the units.

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