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5 Most Profitable Businesses To Start In Singapore


Most investors from different parts of the world look at Singapore as a great location to open a business startup or open a foreign branch. Further, most surveys have voted the country as one of the best business hubs in the region. If you are planning to start a business in Singapore, all you need to know is that it has a conducive business environment.

The good thing is that incorporation options with Visa Express are a straightforward process that you can go through with ease before setting up the business. For those who are not decided yet, here are the top-five most profitable businesses to start in this country.

Tours and Travel.

Singapore is a great tourist destination due to the efforts the government is making to promote the wonderful tourist sites in Singapore. The country has numerous natural and man-made attraction sites. They also have the world-class Changi Airport. So, why not set up a tour and travel company? The good thing is that online visibility will help you get clients from all parts of the world with ease.

An Online Fashion Shop.

Singapore is not left behind when it comes to embracing e-commerce. Apart from providing infrastructure to conduct online business, the people in Singapore are also embracing online shopping. You can sell cosmetic products online with ease without incurring the cost of renting a stall or employing many employees. You can either sell directly on your website or use one of the many public selling sites available.


Singapore’s government has taken a key role in promoting the biotechnology sector. The country is now manufacturing and exporting bioproducts to numerous countries across the world. If you have what it takes, it is easy to open a business that deals with such products. Make sure that you have enough capital because the business requires a lot of money to start. However, the profit margin makes it all worth starting.

Information Technology.

The best part of targeting IT in Singapore is that there are many options you can branch into. Whether you need to start a digital marketing company or general IT solutions, you can rest assured that the market here is ripe. With many businesses starting here, they all need to embrace IT and definitely will be looking for your services. Make sure that you have a skilled team of experts and the right tools to perform any task that is brought to you.


Mobile phone and internet connectivity are becoming popular all over the world. Singapore has a great position both in Asia and the whole globe for providing the best telecommunications connectivity. You can get a share of the pie if you start a business that offers these solutions to businesses and individuals at home. The startup capital may be high because most telecommunications businesses require expensive equipment and infrastructure. This business is one of the best in giving high profits.


Even though the above five businesses are not the only ones you can start in Singapore, they are the best and can offer you great profits. Before setting them up, do some market surveys to confirm that they will succeed within a short time.