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Top 3 Ways To Make A Good Impression At Work


Whether you are just starting a new job or are looking to advance further in your role in your current job, making a good impression is always important. We need to show that we are competent, capable, trustworthy and willing to go the extra mile for the job at hand. No matter what industry you are working in, making the right impression is never a bad thing.

So, let’s look at the top three things you can do to show that you are the best employee for the job to guarantee a great work relationship with your peers and superiors.

1. Be Organized.

Being neat and organized is an essential part of making a good impression. It doesn’t take much to show that you are an organized and well put-together person; wear appropriate, clean and smart clothes to work each day, and if you have a uniform make sure that yours is clean, ironed and worn properly. Making sure that you come up with a system to manage your meetings, tasks, projects etc not only shows that you are taking your role seriously but it also helps you to manage your time effectively and not feel overwhelmed. Using apps such as Todoist help you to manage your workloads, emails and calendars all in one place so you aren’t left scrambling around for important information.

2. Put in the Time.

To show that you care about your job and want to do your best work, it is sometimes necessary to put in the hours to get through your workload. Whether this means coming into work early, working through your lunch break or staying late from work, making sure that you are up to date or even ahead with your work is always a great way to leave the right impression on your boss. Ensuring that you are at your best is important to give your strongest work performance, which starts by keeping your body and mind are properly fuelled. Making sure you eat a proper meal is a simple yet effective way to remain focused and productive, so by ordering light, nutritious meals from sites such as Deliveroo you can get your lunch sent to your desk so you don’t have to leave to grab it – which means you can put in the hours and get home a little earlier than you would have, too.

3. Be a Team Player.

Throwing yourself into new social situations is essential to show that you are a team player. Get to know your coworkers, learn their names quickly and take a genuine interest in them. You will be working with these people every day, and teams work together to help one another and get the job done. When you work together to complete a task, make sure that you recognize your coworkers skills and give them credit for their great ideas. Using apps such as Slack help to keep the group in touch when you or others may be out of the office and need to talk about aspects of a project you are working on together. Not only will being an effective team member help your work performance and relationships, but it can also show that you are an effective team leader by taking initiative which will be sure to impress your project managers.

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