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Top 5 Trend In 2018 – How To Earn Bitcoins


Bitcoin could be one of the world’s most valuable currencies at the moment: At the time of this writing, 1 BTC was worth $13,750. Analysts estimate that this value will continue to rise and will soon exceed $20,000. There are even economists who think that 1 Bitcoin will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in 2020. If you are late buying BTC, do not worry: You can still “win” this valuable currency. Moreover, if you use some methods, you do not have to pay anything. Yes, you can actually win free Bitcoin.

In this guide, we will tell you how to do this.

Use a Faucet.

The faucet is a system invented in 2010, and its main goal was to promote Bitcoin. Since BTC value was low in those years, various promotions were organized to make it widespread. The faucet was the most successful of these promotions and is still available today. Simply put, you earn free Bitcoin for performing a specific task at a website. These are called “bitcoin faucet sites” and their numbers are very high. Each wants you to perform a different task: You may be asked to click on ads, stay on a page for a certain period of time, or play a simple game. When you complete the assigned task, your free Satoshi will be transferred to your BTC wallet. Generally, you can earn between 100 and 1,000 Satoshi, which means you can earn a maximum of 0.0001 Bitcoin (1.39 USD at the moment). However, you can earn this award every day and make between $30 and $40 each month. Examples of Bitcoin faucet sites are Bitsler, 999 Dice, Chain Roll, Mega Dice, Duck Dice, and Bitcoin Rush.

Use a Welcome Bonus.

You can also earn free BTC by taking advantage of the welcome bonuses of online casinos that provide Bitcoin support (You can see the best Bitcoin casinos in Slotozilla). Online casinos match each deposit in a certain ratio to encourage new members to make a deposit. So in order to benefit from these campaigns, you have to deposit money first. However, you can earn BTC free of charge for the money you deposit. In some casinos, the amount of bonus you can get reaches up to 1.5 BTC, which is almost $ 20,000. If you like casino games, you can take advantage of the welcome bonuses to win additional BTC. Some online casinos you can win free Bitcoin include Uptown Aces Casino, NetBet, LimoPlay Casino, BitStarz, and Intertops Casino.

Get a Job.

You can complete micro-scale tasks and win Bitcoin. Job advertisements posted on sites like Coinworker pay as Satoshi. There are many tasks you can take: You can prepare an assignment, do research, or deliver a package. With these simple tasks, you can earn satoshi in varying amounts. Some tasks can be as easy as re-tweeting.

Write About Bitcoin.

You can earn BTC by writing blog posts and forum threads about BTC. BitcoinTalk pays 0.0005 BTC for each post to members who have sent at least 120 posts before. Theoretically, if you post for 24 hours, you can earn $ 65 each day. However, there is a certain post limit, and if you pass it, you cannot win anymore. Nonetheless, you can easily earn $ 15-20 BTC a day for a fairly simple action. Likewise, if you have information about BTC and other crypto-coins, you can also generate income from blog posts. For this, we recommend you to visit your Coinality site. You can see all the writing jobs about Bitcoin on this site.


By playing some simple web-based games, you can earn BTC in extremely high volumes. Choose sites with the faucet feature, take your free Bitcoin, and use them to play the game. If you are lucky enough, you can earn between 10 and 40 BTC. Of course, you will lose most of the time: But you will not experience a financial loss because you got your Bitcoin for free. Satoshi Mínes and Bitsler are some of the addresses we can recommend.

In any case, do not forget that you need to stay away from some things too. Here are a few examples:

Do Not Mine Bitcoin.

Bitcoin mining was a logical attempt many years ago, but not so now. If you do mining using your home computer, you can win up to 0.00000968 BTC per day. This amounts to less than 50 cents. You will not be able to earn money with BTC mining, as electricity bills will be much higher. You will lose money in the long run. Mining is done with computers called ASICs and in special facilities, where hundreds of computers are working together. It is impossible for a home user to generate income with mining.

Do Not Use Investment Sites.

You probably have seen sites that claim to double your Bitcoin in a very short time and offer incredible ROI rates. Do not believe them. All of these, repeat, all are Ponzi and/or scam sites. Do not invest in these sites (also known as HYIP) in any way. Otherwise, you will lose all your savings.