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How To Remain Anonymous With VPN For Mac, iPhone, And iPad



If to speak concisely, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technology that protects any Internet channel. This feature is most in demand in open Wi-Fi networks, which have become so popular in cozy cafes and restaurants.

Interestingly, some VPN providers provide the ability to connect only two connections simultaneously, for example, VPN Mac and iPad. If you try to connect the third device, you should disable one of the ones already included. Get to know more info at Bestvpnrating.com how to benefit from the use of this technology.

Modern Types of VPN Connections.

Firstly, let’s figure out what kinds of VPN services we will be available on paid VPN services for today:

* PPTP (Point-to-point tunneling protocol)

* OpenVPN

* L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol)

PPTP allows to establish a secure connection to the server by creating a particular tunnel in a standard, unprotected network. This protocol became known, because, this is the first VPN protocol supported by Microsoft Corporation. All versions of Windows, starting with Windows 95 OSR2, already include a PPTP client. This is the most famous and easy-to-configure connection to the virtual private network service. But there is also a negative point here: many Internet providers block PPTP connections.

OpenVPN is a free implementation of Virtual Private Network technology with open source code to create encrypted channels of the point-to-point or server-client type between computers. It can establish connections between computers that are behind a NAT-firewall without having to change its settings. But the use of this technology will require you to install additional software for all operating systems.

L2TP combines the L2F (Layer 2 Forwarding) protocol developed by Cisco and the Microsoft protocol. Allows you to create a virtual private network with the specified access priorities, but does not include encryption and authentication mechanisms (to create a secure VPN it is used in conjunction with IPSec). According to experts, it is the most secure version of VPN connection, despite the difficulty of its configuration.

So How Do I Log Into iOS?

There can be two options:

  • PPTP / L2TP. In this case, you need to change the settings, create a new OpenVPN Mac connection and enter the login and password manually. But what’s important is that OpenVPN Mac Os need to re-enter their data and change the settings each time they log on to the Internet. It is uncomfortable and takes a lot of time.
  • Authorization via SSL certificate. It is very simple and understandable way, requiring the installation of the necessary software on the OS. Convenience is that this connection serves to monitor your account. But the most important feature is that as soon as you appear in the network coverage area, the connection to the server is automatically established.


Nowadays, with an unprotected channel, anyone, even a schoolboy, can connect to the network and use other people’s data. Even novice hackers can easily get logins and passwords from all sorts of sites. Use a virtual private network in order to protect your privacy!