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[ADV] Personal Loans: Your Key To A Positive Lifestyle In Singapore


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Approaching a moneylender or a bank to acquire personal loan is a common practice in Singapore. In fact, it is the key to a positive lifestyle. There are times when Singaporeans find personal loans as a practical solution to encounter the financial crisis. If you want to eliminate the risk of getting into massive problems, then personal loans are something you should resort to.

There are some reasons why personal loans have impacted the lifestyle of citizens positively. Here is why even you should go for Loan Singapore:

1. Purchase costly items.

Credit card items can be used to purchase brand new items but the solution doesn’t apply when it comes to buying second-hand costly items. No credit card can be used in such case and you need cash payment for these. Taking a personal loan can be worth for making these purchases. This even allows you to maintain a safe level of funds during heavy purchases.

2. Vacations.

Everyone needs a break. The total bill for a luxurious vacation may even exceed $1000. Singaporeans take personal loans to cover these expenses and return them in installments at a later point in time.

3. Consolidate debt.

If you are owing money on different credit cards, then all the debt can be paid once at all by taking personal loans. High-interest credit cards are replaced with low-interest personal loans. It is often the first step towards getting debt-free.

4. Renewal of COE.

COE prices have soared a lot in the past several years. Since you cannot take car loan to renew a COE, personal loan has become a reliable option for a lot of them. COE can be paid in installments while maintaining the tenure of the loan.

Personal loans are a common form of resolution in Singapore. But there are some considerations one must take into account before finalizing their loan deal:

  • Inquire into the late payment penalties. Obviously no one intends to pay late but you never know what the circumstances will be. Check the interest rates and go for the best option.
  • Most personal loans are not secured since there is no collateral behind it. This means you should know the exact details of repayment. It is recommendable not to use personal loans as a capital where the risk of investment is considerably high. Also don’t use as an alternative to business loans.
  • Be as specific as you can when getting a loan. For instance, don’t take loan for education when there already existing education loan package. The more specific you get, lower the interest rates will be.
  • Look into the flexibility of terms. Getting a loan that has very rigid conditions can get you in trouble if not paid on time. Make sure the terms and conditions are flexible in nature so you have alternatives in case of an emergency.

Personal loans are an inherent part of Singapore. Everyone considers them as a necessity to spend a happy life there. If you do require a personal loan, then consider the factors above.