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Make Your Online Business More Productive Using These Five Methods


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So you successfully built an online business you can be proud of. You are going through growing pains, and are getting overwhelmed by paperwork and administrative tasks. Many entrepreneurs before you have gone through the same experience. If you would like to reclaim your life and have more time focusing on things that take your business further, you could take advantage of the latest technology to see a snapshot of your finances and customer satisfaction any time.

In today’s knowledge economy, you need to obtain and use information effectively to remain competitive. Find out below how.

1. Outsource and Delegate.

You need to admit that there is only one of you, and your time is better spent if you think about improving your current accounts than looking after the support line. You can now outsource simple business processes to free up time for tasks that matter the most. While there are several freelancer websites offering virtual assistants, you might want to get a permanent support staff who is adequately trained to deal with your customers.

2. Move Your Accounting Online.

If you don’t want to collect all sales invoices and take them to your accountant every month for processing, you can get an online accounting system set up for a low cost. You can enter your PayPal invoices, as well as recurring subscriptions, and will always know where you stand financially. If you want to save money on accounting and want to see up to date information about your customers’ orders, use cloud accounting software.

3. Monitor Customer Satisfaction.

Through cloud computing, you can now send out short surveys to customers to find out how happy they are with your service. Ask for feedback after every survey, and direct your clients to a review or rating site after they complete their purchase. This way, you will get a clear picture about their preferences, and can implement changes that will make their experience better in the future.

4. Measure Productivity.

There are several productivity tools available on the cloud, and you can even get them on mobile devices. If you would like to get a cloud based business suite that measures team productivity, as well as your venture’s financial performance, check out what the Microsoft 365 Business platform has to offer. You can use the latest Office apps, and several tools to collaborate with remote workers.

5. Save Money On Administration.

Using the latest technology can help you focus on growing your business, instead of getting tied up with admin tasks. You will not have to manually enter every customer’s purchase, as this will be automatically added from your business website CMS. You can send out bulk emails to subscribers whenever you have a promotion, instead of working hard to contact everyone individually. Finally, you can remind your customers about invoices due or late payments automatically.

Improving your eCommerce business productivity is no longer challenging, thanks to the variety of cloud based apps and business management systems available. Take advantage of the advanced technology, and focus on what take your venture to the next level.