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Office Comforts That Will Boost Your Productivity


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It should come as no surprise that a comfortable office helps to boost productivity. Even a home office can make you work faster and more efficiently, but what comforts are worth the money and which are a waste of time?

To help you decide, we’ve put together a list of five office comforts that will help boost the productivity of you and your employees.

Height-Adjustable Desks.

A stand-up desk with electric motor is a fantastic way to encourage your employees to stand up more and move their legs around while they work. Being seated in the same position for many hours is tiring and can lead to stiff legs over time. In addition, being able to sit or stand at their desk gives them more ways to work, and that flexibility translates into employee comfort. Adjustable desks may be fairly expensive, but they’re a good investment and in the event you want to upgrade or get rid of them in the future, they retain their sale value extremely well.

Declutter on a Regular Basis.

Clutter can not only look unsightly, but it has the potential to be extremely bothersome to your work. Missing documents, random pieces of paper that you’ve forgot the purpose for and tangled cables can all lead to a drastic reduction in your productivity. If you’re serious about boosting your office’s efficiency, make sure you declutter on a regular basis. You can assist this by ensuring that there are trash cans, recycling cans, organisers and other tidbits on your desks to make it easy to sort out your work items.

Allowing Personalisation.

For some reason, many employers don’t allow their employees to bring in personal items such as photographs, pictures and even little charms. If you give your employees the ability to personalise their desk space, then it makes it more charming and comfortable to work in because it feels like their own personal space. Allowing this also improves the trust bond between you and your staff which is a great way to be a more productive group. The best thing about allowing customisation in the office is that it doesn’t cost anything to do–just tell your employees they’re allowed to bring in things like photographs and you’ll get an instant boost in productivity and also popularity.

Staff Kitchen.

Even if the “kitchen” is just a microwave accompanied by a fridge, being able to heat up food from home or store things in the fridge is a fantastic way to encourage your staff to eat less junk food and more healthy items. This ultimately makes them more productive and it means breaks can be spent in the office instead of out at a nearby coffee store. Being able to heat up food and eat it within the office is a great way to speed up break times and it means your staff are more likely to stay in and work while they eat instead of taking long breaks outside. If you’re feeling generous, then adding a stove top or other utensils can help improve this even further.