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Your Mobile Office: An Enhanced Workplace


The modernity in professionalism came with the invention of the computer, which is a culmination of office software that gives access to nearly all office equipment. It is a library, has stationery, writing pad, storage and much more. For flexibility, your laptop also allows you to work anywhere anytime.

With our intellectual limitations, we tend to think-as-we-go. It is a pool that provides ideas with respect to your environment. Many ideas are born out of adventure and observations. We say that a business is a solution to a problem. These problems are not located in a specific region, so the more you travel around, the more business problems you see. So how awesome would it be if you had your mobile office?

Come to think of it, Microsoft Office is your companion on this “journey.” You can write, present, publish, gather data, analyse data, design, name them. How better can it get?

The Gateway.

As a compliment to your mobility and think-flow, Wi-Fi hotspots offer you unparalleled access to the global information bank. Benchmarking your thoughts with other thoughts is the basis of perfection, a gateway to making sound decisions in your line of work. This exposure leads you to new ideas on the move which can help you strike a balance between your thoughts and a proven system from an experienced hand or resource.

Other than its face value, Wi-Fi hotspots are rich media for research. Journals, essays, write-ups and any other resource banks can be accessed. It connects the world to you and you to the world. As an intrinsic value-add, information gathering is the epitome of perfection when it comes to decision making. In business, your rationality is a product of a broad understanding of situations, both real and hypothetical. That is the essence of process mapping; a tool of controlling the outcome and business reactions form a mere idea.

Office away from the Office.

Given the advantages of working in a normal office, a break from the usual routine could breathe fresh air in business content development. Below are the smart reasons for working in an open place with Wi-Fi hotspot.

1. As you work on your business plan, an outdoor setting gives you a rare opportunity of seeing problems first hand. Therefore problems can be observed, thought through, researched and solved in a single place.

2. This idea can also help in digital marketing. Content provision can be well written when physically observing consumer behaviours. A perfect solution is well executed if it fits into the lifestyle of the consumer; an idea well placed in an open “office.”

3. In case of two or more people, an outdoor meeting with Wi-Fi access is a perfect gateway to information sharing. Conventionally, in case of approvals and brainstorming, you need a medium for sharing ideas and thoughts. Instead of using offline methods, Wi-Fi hotspot bridges this gap. The deal gets better if the distance is a factor.

4. With computers and other devices that ran on any operating system, software used need constant updating for improved features. It might take a toll if the user doesn’t have broadband connectivity. As an expense mostly incurred by start-ups due to budgetary limitations, a Wi-Fi hotspot comes in handy.

Elements to Watch Out For.

Despite the beauty of working in an open office, there are some basic look-outs you should consider when working outdoors where there is Wi-Fi.

Information security – in as much as the access to information is free; your information is not secure either. Avoid opening sensitive sites when working from a Wi-Fi hotspot. Financial websites that allow mobile banking and financial transactions should be avoided at all cost. Also personal and professional clouds should also be avoided when working in this space.

The service provider should also be known or established. The legitimacy of the broadband service provider will reduce the risk of intellectual property stealing and other online fraudulent activities.

Ensure the security of the Wi-Fi hotspot neighbourhood is above board. It will help in curbing theft of devices. It is also worth noting to avoid crowded places as they physically erode the gains attributed to working in an open place.