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[ADV] Neil Billock On Rebuilding Puerto Rico: A Viable Market For SMBs To Penetrate


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Puerto Rico is a US colony but the lack of competition makes it a viable country for mainland-based entrepreneurs to penetrate. The advent of the recent devastations placed the country in the spotlight giving every budding businessman a new environment where they can enjoy rapid growth.

The World Bank has once placed Puerto Rico as one of the most competitive markets in Latin America with high economic growth. Mainland companies who would like to set up a business will find it easy to invade the market primarily because people are looking for competitive products and services

Although Puerto Rico is still finding its way back on its own feet after the devastating natural calamity which brought the country to its feet, much can be said about the beauty of the islands and how it will eventually find its pace with its economic recovery.

Puerto Rico is more than just a paradise you can spend your summer holidays in. It is a country that will get up and become one of the most financially stable countries in Latin America again. Regardless the size of your company, it will be a good venue to launch a business as the economic pickup will sooner or later lead to your company’s eventual growth.

Much of the driving force still holding the economy primarily includes manufacturing, pharmaceutical, electronics, and petrochemicals to name a few. Budding companies, in particular, can enjoy much advantage when catering to the island because the demand for reasonable products and services has always been high.

To enliven Puerto Rico´s market, Neil Billock has recently moved his direct marketing business and entrepreneurship to the country. Having been one of the top direct marketing experts in mainland US, his ability to connect with intended clients and create a marketing strategy will make every company visible in the Puerto Rican market.

Local businesses, in particular, will be able to take advantage of digital marketing as it increases their visibility and takes them to the forefront of the market. Billock´s decision to move his direct marketing expertise to Puerto Rico is intended to rejuvenate the country’s economy by helping local businesses grow.

Neil Billock´s skills can be attested with the rapid growth of Vertical Direct Marketing Group where it became a forerunner in mainland US advertising industry. His work with the company has allowed him to develop strong competence and create a successful career in consulting.

Understanding that the future of commerce will be changed because of online marketing, he wants to make the technology available to Puerto Ricans. The rapid advancement of marketing will contribute to the country’s economic recovery giving every business a chance to participate in the global competition.

Concentrating in the local market is the initial initiative of Neil Billock´s enterprise. The ripple effect will fuel the economy and rejuvenate the devastated country. In many ways, this will also be a living dream for him.

Having visited the country on many occasions, he has been captivated by the beauty of Puerto Rico and considers moving his family for the long term.

The Aftermath of the Puerto Rico Calamities and How the Economy Will Pick Up

Puerto Rico is a key US economic and military asset. The devastating effects of the recent hurricane sent the whole country into an economic turmoil bringing the country to its knees. Weeks after Hurricane Maria lambasted the tropical island, most of the population still does not have a fresh water supply. Restoring electrical supply is also lagging and most of the population is finding starvation a normal everyday challenge.

With the US colony pleading for help, our current government still finds blame in the country´s problems within Puerto Rico itself. It has even escalated to threats of pulling out federal aid workers. The lack of a solid support from the US government makes this tiny island a good venue to restore economic stability and the prospects of a good future may not be far behind as people are rallying to make the country a better place.

The longstanding partnership between the two countries stretches back as far as World War II where the government of Puerto Rico gave privileges, non-inclusions and concession agreements with mainland businesses and entrepreneurs entering the country. Most businesses look at the country as a source of cheap labor and enormous trade incentives making it one of the most viable markets in Latin America.

After Hurricane Maria´s devastation, the whole country was in the limelight and so much negative words have been said.  The prospects of rejuvenating the Puerto Rican economy are much stronger nowadays as people are rallying to sustain economic growth.

One of those who sees a good future for the country is Neil Billock. He is one of the most successful direct marketing experts in mainland US. Working for top marketing companies like Vertical Direct Marketing Group, he was able to combine the conclusive effects of technological developments and advanced marketing strategies to make digital marketing one of the best platforms to grow a business.

Digital marketing has become the best alternative to the traditional advertising channel, making it a highly profitable and customer garnering method. It allows a business to cut back on expenses that would otherwise be used for traditional advertising.

This strategy will be an effective game plan to rejuvenate the Puerto Rican market and boost economic growth. Direct marketing will be able to support local and overseas businesses so they can be used to directly siphon global presence and reach a wider audience.

Neil Billock´s background in direct marketing will be useful to energize the Puerto Rican industry. Having a strong experience in helping businesses create an effective marketing campaign in the US will be a good strategy for Puerto Rican businesses to adopt the mainland ways of growing their enterprise.

Puerto Rico may have been brought down to its knees with the economic crisis and the latest natural calamity, but there are people who still believe in the country. People like Neil Billock give hope to local entrepreneurs that there is hope amidst the country’s economic dilemma.

For donations and helping out to rebuild Puerto Rico Please visit: https://www.unicefusa.org/donate/support-unicef-usas-hurricane-relief-efforts-puerto-rico/32952