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7 Office Tips For Every Clean Freak At Work


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If you’re a neat freak, you already know how much crumbs, dirt, and dust get stuck in inside your keyboard. Thankfully, there are easy hacks to keep your keyboard and workstation clean.

Here are seven neat freak friendly tips to keep the germs at bay:

Before cleaning, organize.

Before you start wiping down surfaces and spraying everything with disinfectants, make sure to do some paper organizing. You don’t need to organize everything, but pile them neatly enough to get them off of the surfaces so that you can clean your desk easily. Also, keeping things organized will motivate you to do a better cleaning job!

Clean your keyboard.

What’s in between the spaces of your keyboard? Dust, crumbs, dirt, and possibly even some ants. It’s hard to get in between those little spaces, but you can still clean them. Use a hair dryer on the cool setting and use it on your keyboard’s nook and crannies. Get some cotton swabs to run through tiny spaces so that you can remove every stubborn little thing beneath and between the keys.

Each time you use a Post-It note, use the sticky side to remove unwanted particles on your keyboard or keypad before throwing it away. This is a quick office cleaning hack to always keep your keyboard clean.

Use microfiber cloth to dust and clean.

When using a microfiber cloth, bear in mind that it should be dry when you’re dusting and wet when you’re cleaning. A great microfiber cloth doesn’t leave any dirt or dust behind, and will not scratch the surfaces of your screens and monitors.

Avoid eating at your desk.

It’s convenient to munch on a snack while working, but most of the time crumbs will fall everywhere. These particles tend to accumulate and before you know it, your keyboard or desk has more germs than a toilet seat. If you still want to continue eating at your desk, make sure to clean whatever you may have left behind.

Keep baby wipes around.

Baby wipes are not just for babies. They can be used to keep a desk, work table, and counter clean. Keep baby wipes on your desk so that you can quickly take care of small messes

Having a pack of baby wipes prepared allows you to sanitize items you use every day such as your mouse, mousepad, and desk phone. They also serve as a useful solution to keeping your hands clean all throughout the day.

Be careful with water around electronics.

Electronics and water don’t really mix well. Water can damage your electronic devices and can ruin screens and monitors. Always remember to turn off your devices prior to cleaning. When cleaning with a damp cloth, make sure to wring out as much water as possible as well.

Clean the office coffee maker.

The coffee maker may be the most used device in your office. It can also be the most neglected when it comes to cleaning. If your office has special supplies for cleaning the coffee maker, use them to avoid bacteria-build up and keep the coffee maker in check.

If your office does not have special cleaning products, you can make it yourself. Pour powdered dishwasher detergent into the bottom of the pot. Then, fill it up with hot water and leave it for an hour before rinsing. Rinse and your office coffee maker should be good as new.