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Ways Your College Lifestyle Can Impact Your Professional Life


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We often think of college as a time to find ourselves and most people do find out at least a little bit about who they really are once they leave home for college. College however is not just about finding yourself, but building a foundation of how you intend on your life turning out. We have all see the partygoer who never really got their life together and the over achiever who never really seemed to have fun in college. It is all about balance in college and where you want to have fun, you also want to make smart choices that impact your entire life.

Here are some ways that your college experience will impact your professional life.

New Beginnings.

Part of going off to college involves a bit of reinvention. You are coming into a world that you are largely unknown and those people that were around you for your entire life while growing up will no longer be around to impact your life and remind you of where you come from. This is a time where you can become the person you want to be. Make simple changes to your appearance, mannerisms, and even some of the foods you eat in order to have a positive impact on your life. The perceptions that your college roommates and classmates will have of you will be how you gain lifelong friends and possibly even where you will find someone to share your life with. If you were the dork in high school or always felt like you did not fit in, you can work to change that aspect as most of the other people at the college will likely be doing the exact same thing.


Networking is a term that is most often heard in the business world, but even before your truly professional career begins, you can begin networking to improve your connections. Hanging around the right people in college can allow you to make the connections needed to get the right opportunity to advance in your chosen field. People are often very particular who they are around socially and rightly so. Those that strive to stick to the crowd that seem to be going places and moving up in the world will outmatch those that are simply biding their time and partying their life away. It is important to remember that you are the future generation and those surrounding you are going to be leading the business world someday, so make an impression early for the best chance of achieving your goals through networking.

The Right Equipment.

This is going to sound quite shallow, but it is actually quite helpful in the world we live in today. Today’s world is materialistic and even for those that do not put a lot of stock in material possessions, it pays to have the right ones. Upon graduating from high school, you will be given gifts or asked what you need for college. Do not be afraid to ask for the top of the line items. Technology is important to this generation and having the right equipment and possessions will bring friends to you. Even in a dorm environment, those that have the most up to date equipment are looked at as sort of leaders. You can also utilize technology to your advantage when it comes to how you can maximize your studies. The advent of technology has proliferated new ways in making your college life more efficient, with options to earn degrees online and even take up college credits through credit by exam courses, allowing for ease of learning and efficiency, and once you’re in the employment pool, being able to work efficiently is a useful attribute.

Willing to Work.

There are some people who do not have to work while in college to support themselves, but even if you have favor in this area, it is a good idea to begin working in some way early on. Even if you do not acquire a jog that is within your chosen field, any work experience will look good on a resume. Your college job does not have to be your lifelong career, but if your willingness to work the seemingly insignificant jobs can get you notice by those that would hire you for your career employment, that is a foot in the door.

You will not go into college understanding everything about life and you are going to make some mistakes. The key however is to make the experience work best for how you want to live. You might view your college experience as a means of getting out away from your parents and that is fine for a time, but always keep in mind that what you do during those college years will follow you for the rest of your life, so make it all count to better your life.