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It’s Show Time! Getting Noticed At An Event


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The pros of events for businesses are clear. From increasing brand awareness to generating leads, a trade show is a useful tool. However, one thing companies quickly learn is that success isn’t guaranteed because the competition is fierce. Standing out from the crowd is hard work, especially when this is your first rodeo.

So, what should you do? Attend and hope for the best? Nope, the key to getting the best results is to stick out like a sore thumb. That way, the firm will benefit even more from the corporate event pros.

All you have to do is figure out which techniques are the most efficient. For that and more, take a look at the following trade show tips. Here’s how to get your business noticed at an event. Good luck!

Create A Great First Impression.

Everyone knows that first impressions are important. What the majority of people don’t understand is the science behind the saying. A person can form a judgment in less than one-tenth of a second. That is not a lot of time to get on a person’s good side, and the figures don’t continue to make for great reading. In terms of design, the number rises to one fifth of a second, and 94% relates to the design aspect. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that creativity is going to play a significant role in the firm’s success. As a rule, the more the booth stands out, the better. Just browse event tents from Dynamic Gift if you are unsure. With their range, it is easier to grasp how the design correlates with the customer’s initial impression of the company. After all, it is a waste to blend into the crowd with the rest of the tents and booths.

Understand Customer Validation.

Picture the scene. You need to buy a product from a supplier, one you don’t know or trust. When you turn up to make a purchase, you find multiple stores with the same product. Do you go to the one with fewer customers, or the more with a long line backing out the door? The answer is the latter because the queue of people is a good sign. Individuals who frequent trade shows operate with the same mentality, which is why you need to build a steady base of people. But, attracting them to the tent isn’t the end as it is essential to keep them there for as long as possible. That way, people will walk past all day and the line of customers will pique their curiosity. Remember that consumers trust their own as they have no reason to lie or embellish the truth.

Think About Foot Traffic.

Go to Las Vegas and you will see the best tables and machines crammed from dusk to dawn. The reason for this is geography. Gamblers know that the casino waitresses use the route and that beer is free. So, they sit and bet and wait for a server to walk past to take their drink order. Trade shows are no different, except for the alcohol! To get people to notice the tent in the first place, you need to pitch it in an excellent spot. It’s no good pulling out all the stops if you are at the other end of the room. The audience will either think you’re not prestigious enough or will be uninterested by the time they reach the spot. Avoiding this pitfall is easy: turn up early. Or, Smart Trade Shows says pay a little extra to ensure the location is perfect.

Hand Out Freebies.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the promotional aspect stops after the event. Trade show greats like Celgene know that the trick to success is to continue promoting after the fact. How, you ask, is this possible when the consumer is at home? Well, it depends on freebies. Companies hand out free pens and lanyards because they have space for the brand or logo. The next time they use the pen or lanyard, they will remember the firm. It might take awhile to work, but a freebie does keep the company in the back of the consumer’s minds. Another trick is to connect via social media. By collecting their info and following them online, you can converse without being in the same room. If you can extend your reach past the event, you can stand out from the crowd without a trade show booth.

Be Competitive.

If you have attended an event, you will know that there are different types of sales reps. Some like to be forward, while others like the customer to come to them as it appears organic. Whatever you do, don’t be shy because this is a competitive environment and you need to seize the day. With this in mind, make sure the best people are on the floor at all times. Anyone who isn’t up to the job isn’t going to make a mark otherwise. Also, treat the event with respect. Turning up and “winging” it won’t get the results you require. Instead, make training classes mandatory so that people know what you expect on the day. Remember that the people who represent the firm are a reflection of your values. To get attention, they have to be able to show what separates the company from the rest of the competition.

Trade Your Event Leads.

The idea of offering a rival a helping hand might send shivers down your spine. In truth, providing each other with different leads is mutually beneficial for both parties. To begin with, it doesn’t harm your chances of making headway with your leads. If anything, it doubles the percentage. Secondly, there is a bigger scope for success with more leads at your disposal. As a single firm, there are only so many people you can convince. As a two or three company entity, it is possible to treble your leads.

Ultimately, it is pointless to attend unless you get noticed. With these tips, your booth won’t go ignored.