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Visual SEO Solutions In A Modern Market


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Advertisements often follows trends. Trends are always shifting. The long-form commercials which can still be found on old television show compilations from the forties and fifties simply wouldn’t work today; but they do provide excellent windows into the past, and by extension, what is and is not effective advertisement.

Keeping Current In Your Advertisement Technique.

Consider this animated commercial for Ajax you might have seen on the Colgate Comedy Hour with Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. Now consider this cereal ad. The one is longer, but incorporates animation and song. The latter is shorter, but does the same thing.

The difference is quality and the time involved. Ad spots on television today are shorter, because viewers have a diminis//hed attention span; forcing advertisers to really get their attention. As a matter of fact, old means of advertising are quickly going the way of the Dodo. The internet is “where it’s at” today. We’re even seeing a slight resurgence of the long-form ad.

Multiple Methods Of Outreach.

But marketing need not be concerned solely with one means of advertisement. There are other, more effective ways of spreading the word about your company. SEO is a great example. Search Engine Optimization uses a variety of methods to employ a search engine as a sort of client finder. The right SEO organization turns Google into your hog on a truffle hunt for clients.

There are quite a few disparate components involved with such marketing quests. One component that is very important to keep in mind is visual effectiveness. People are more likely to watch something than they are to read something. But there are certain kinds of visual advertisement that are also more amenable to affecting a given potential customer.

Pictures are important. Effective SEO technique uses several pictures. Paragraphs are also uniquely sized in order to be most digestible. As it turns out, today’s reader isn’t so keen on long text. They’re more likely to scan through a document, which means if the test is in huge blocks, they’ll give up before they hit your sales pitch.

Then there are links. The visible component here has more to do with websites. You want links of a certain caliber that are likely to be respected by the search engine. If all you have are a bunch of fringe sites fraught with adware, your content will get spiked.

If you can incorporate video into your content, as well as properly-sized paragraphs, pictures, and exterior links, you’ll have a piece of writing that “looks” good to a search engine. At this point, all you’ll really need to do is design keywords that appropriately describe the most likely client searches pertaining to your products or services, and you’ll have an effective piece of marketing.

Advancing Your Marketing Effectiveness.

As you learn to utilize modern marketing techniques like SEO, you’ll want a marketing solution like the one Atlanta SEO company has designed: “…a search engine optimization service that is both ethical and result-driven.”

Ethics are important, because if your efforts are found to be without the bounds of accepted practice, then there are automatic blockages which can keep your information from being seen by anyone. You don’t want to be seen as spam, as malware, as adware, or as anything else of that caliber.

If you haven’t looked into the advantages of digital marketing across the Internet, and the visual symbiosis inhering to this method which makes it so effective, you might want to do a few Google searches yourself and see what you turn up.