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8 Awesome Startup Ideas For Young Minds


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Entrepreneurship can be a tough challenge to tackle.  Along with the challenge can come many hardships and setbacks, but any successful entrepreneur knows that these tough times pale in comparison to the feeling of working for yourself and even growing a business.

Most successful entrepreneurs today started out by just growing their own services into small businesses when they were young. It’s never too early to start figuring out unique ways to start working for yourself.

If you don’t know where to start, here are some quick, simple examples that young people can use to help get the gears turning:

Yard Sales.

Many people acquire old junk over the years. As the saying goes, your treasure might be a treasure to someone else. Gather up your belongings that you don’t want or need anymore and spend a Saturday morning setting them up for display in your yard and sell them to neighbors and passersby.


Are you a performer of some kind? Whether it be music, magic, or acting, you can always find places to show off your skills and even earn a little cash doing so. Many bars and small performance venues always need extra acts and are often willing to pay.

School Snacks.

It’s become quite the popular enterprising business for children in school to head down to the grocery store, buy up candy and other snacks in bulk, and resell them to their fellow peers individually for a profit. However, some schools do have policies against this sort of thing. Be sure to check with the administration staff before trying this one out.

Create Websites.

If you have a knack for coding and design, then it might make sense to help fellow entrepreneurs set up websites for their business ventures. There are a lot of different ways you can do this, but you will likely need a set of free stock photos to put the finishing touches on any website that you build.

Computer Repairs.

Growing up in the age of technology has given young people an advantage when it comes to learning how today’s devices work. You can use this knowledge to your benefi tand make some money next time an older family member or friend of has issues with their computer that you might be able to help them with.

Car Wash.

If you have access to a good space or lot, you can advertise your services or washing cars by hand. Many people love their cars and love to have them clean. Take advantage of this fact and make sure to set up shop in a visible area.


Thrifting has become more and more popular as anyone of any age can do it. Head over to your local thrift store and shop around. If you find some really cool or popular styles of clothes, books, or music, you can easily buy them and resell them on the internet for profit.


Yes, you can actually make money on the internet as a teenager. There are many teens who have grown their YouTube channel content to a wide audience and put advertisements in their video that they get paid for running. A quick Google search will set you on the right path to setting this up.

,Whatever your idea, it is never too early to try and start offering your services and growing them into a business. Nothing beats a head start in working for you