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10 Best Automotive Business Ideas For 2017


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The automotive industry is constantly expanding and there are new businesses popping up each year.

These are the 10 best automotive businesses in 2017:

Comparison Websites.

The world of online shopping has exploded in the last decade and now you can even purchase your car tires online. The best way to buy your tires is to compare tire sales to find the best deal.

These websites do the hard work for you!

Taxi Company.

One of the hottest business opportunities is websites and apps that connect freelance taxi services with customers. You only need to have one car to start a taxi service, and you can grow your company when your budget allows it.

You can later on even hire a team of mobile apps developers to build out a bespoke taxi app for your users to be able to book your taxis easily.

Rental Company.

A rental company is a next step after owning a taxi service. If you have the capital to purchase a fleet of cars, then you will make a fortune renting them out to customers. All the cars are covered by insurance and there are very little risks involved.

Upholstery Business.

If you’re someone who understands how to install upholstery in a car, then you should utilize your talent. This is an easy business to start, and you could even begin by posting online ads with your phone number.

Headlight Restoration.

This is another trade skill that should be used if you have the knowledge. The world is filled with cars and people who don’t know how to fix them. To start a headlight restoration business you can post local ads and wait to rack in the cash.

Open A Driving School.

There will always be young people who need to learn to drive. If you have a knack for teaching and understand the rules of the road, then this is the perfect job for you. People pay hundreds of dollars for other people to teach their kids to drive.

Mobile Mechanic.

This is one of the unique jobs on this list. It requires a deep knowledge of cars, and you must have the tools to perform the work. Cars always break down, and there is nothing better for a customer than a mechanic who will come to you.

Open Gas Station.

If you find a great location, running a gas station can be incredibly lucrative. As you are starting out you can open the station while you have gas available, and when it runs out you can shut down the station until you have the funds to buy more gas.

Auto Detailing.

This is a business any person can open even if they don’t have any understanding of cars. All you need is a strong back that can handle being hunched over for long hours, and an eye for detail.

Create A Parking Lot.

Creating a parking lot is a no brainer. You don’t have a facility to maintain, all you need is an open lot and a bucket of paint to make spaces for the cars. In the right location, customers pay upwards of $15 to park their cars, and you might fit 100 cars in a lot. As you are starting out, you can man the lot and your only overhead would be insurance and rent.

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