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Moving Your Business To Greener Pastures?



You might be thinking about relocating your business to a new address, and this is probably not going to be a bad idea. Indeed, it’s fair to say that by moving your company to a new place of work, you can usually claim cheaper deals on costs or in other cases grab a bigger slice of the market due to getting a better location for levels of foot traffic.

That said, an office move can be quite a complex process, so let’s look at some of the things you’ll need to consider before you make your move:

Without Tech Your Business Is Dead.

The first step should definitely be thinking about how quickly you can get tech, and IT set up in your new business office. Remember, even being down for a day could be crippling for a new business. That’s why you want to make sure that you get things activated as quickly as possible.

The issue here is making sure that the tech is ready to go from day one and that’s not easy. Just try moving your internet over to a new location. That alone can take several weeks. There are two steps that you should take when handling this. The first is to make sure that both the new office and the old office are running at the same time. That way you can slowly migrate staff and equipment over while still having the services that you need intact. The other tip would be to use an IT support team. IT support plans will ensure that you have the full coverage you need when you’re setting up your new business address. With this, you should be able to guarantee that there are not any delays.

Don’t forget, you also need to think about connections and speeds before you buy the new property. It’s quite possible if you’re moving out of the city that speeds are going to be slower. Will your business handle this type of change? If not, it might be worth thinking about reconsidering the move. Or, investing in the tech that will boost your signals and increase connectivity.

Making The Move.

Some business owners try and cheapen the deal of a move by using their existing members of staff to complete some of the heavy lifting. This is a mistake, and it will lead to a potential lawsuit when employees recognize that this wasn’t the job that they signed up for. Nor were they trained for. It’s always best to get the experts in, even for something seemingly as simple as moving furniture. At first, you might think you’re saving a lot, but you’ll probably find that a lawsuit reduces your savings considerably.

The other tip would be to make sure you’re price checking the type of services that you’re using. There are plenty of different companies offering this type of service to business owners. By finding the right one, you’ll be able to save on the moving costs in a different way.

Consider Downsizing.

Moving offices is a fantastic opportunity to downsize your business and make it a little more flexible. You might think that this is going to make your company weaker on the market. The perception could be there, but it’s also going to make your business a lot more competitive, and that’s very useful. You’ll be able to keep the costs under control and avoid the potential dangers overspending. Don’t forget that larger offices are always going to be more expensive with high energy bills and great numbers of staff.

You can make things easier for you and your business by using tactics such as hiring home workers. By sending some of your employees home to work, they won’t be such a large expense for your company. You can then buy or rent a smaller office for the essential members of staff.

Don’t Forget Security.

Lastly, when you are looking at your new office, you must make sure it provides the correct level of security. If you’re buying an older building, it probably won’t have the latest tech that you need to keep your systems and data safe. But, you can change that with some necessary investments and ensure that you are looking after the interests of your company. Remember, if you set up your business to look impenetrable, it’s highly unlikely that a criminal will risk a break in.

We hope this advice helps you when you’re moving to another office for your company. Whatever the reason, it’s always worth looking at this type of move as a fantastic opportunity.


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