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Are you looking for innovative ways to advertise your business? There are seemingly endless ways to make sure that you get the advertising you need, even when you have a minuscule budget. What you lack in terms of capital has to be compensated for in creativity, effort, and tenacity. You will have to hustle harder than your competitors.

Here are a few ways that you can make sure that your business gets advertised even when you don’t have a lot of money in the budget:

Vinyl Stickers.

Have you considered using vinyl stickers to advertise? You can even get a vinyl stencil cutter and make your own stickers. The great thing about advertising this way is that it is incredibly inexpensive. These stickers are great to use on vehicles. Many businesses will put the stickers on cars and then drive through traffic during rush hour so that a lot of people will be able to see the message. This can be magnificently effective sue to the fact that during rush hour traffic, people have to view the message. They literally can’t go anywhere, while you have the added advantage of them not feeling as if you are shoving the message down their throats.


When you are looking for a creative way to advertise, why not consider holding a competition or contest? This will be sure to get people interested. You can start by building your following on social media platforms and then use those platforms to advertise a giveaway or a prize. Then, use the day of the event to make sure that the winner is announced on those same platforms. This can encourage people to engage with your business while also getting you leads for future sales and marketing that will be more targeted. When you encourage the participants of the contest or competition to like, share, or retweet the competition as a condition of entering to win, you will be able to spread the word about your business beyond your current followers.

Silhouettes at Night.

When you are trying to think outside of the box to advertise your business on a budget, why not consider nighttime silhouettes? You might not have heard of or seen this before and that can be a good thing because the people in your area might be in the same boat as you… which means that they will be intrigued. All you need to do is find a building that has a minimum of three stories and a wall that doesn’t have any windows. Then, make arrangements with the person that owns that building as well as with the person who owns the building that is across the street from it to allow you to install a projector for your logo. These are cheap and can be truly effective.

Community Events.

How many times have you seen the name of a business on the back of Little League uniforms? That can actually be a great way to advertise. You might also think about sponsoring a local event for charity, a festival, or any other type of event that will be happening in your area that has the chance of being publicized. There are always 5k runs going on too that need sponsors.

Press Releases.

Your local radio stations and newspapers can be leveraged for advertisement by sending them press releases. These can lead to opportunities for interviews, which can be great for promoting your business. However, you will need to keep in mind and avoid the common mistakes made in press releases.

Social Media.

We talked a bit about contests and competitions that can be promoted on social media, but social media itself is something that should never be ignored. Advertising on sites like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook can give you the powerful advertising tool that you need. What is even better is that it won’t cost you a penny… just a bit of time. Even if you aren’t a pro when it comes to social media, there are quite a few online resources that can walk you through the process. Each one of the sites for social media will have a different audience and each audience will have their weaknesses and strengths. Make sure that you use those to your advantage.

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