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Startups: How To Keep A Tab On Business Travel Costs


Business Travel

Business trips and travel are a necessary part of most businesses. If you aren’t careful, the costs of these trips can be detrimental to your profits. Fortunately, with careful planning, you can cut down on the costs of these trips dramatically. With just a few extra steps to your planning, your trips will help your business succeed without costing it a fortune.

Here are just a few ways to help you save money in the long run:

Check for Discounts and Offers.

There are plenty of discounts available, especially as a company and you should be sure to take advantage of all of them. Calling an airline or hotel, for example, rather than booking over the Internet, gives you the chance to ask about discounts that they will offer you. Some of these could include frequent flier benefits, corporate discounts, or even rewards programs.

Plan Your Trips in Advance.

Buying last minute tickets for travel or booking a hotel at the last second is sometimes unavoidable. If you do have the opportunity to plan ahead, though, take that opportunity. Many hotels, flights, and even trains, will raise their prices the closer it gets to the booking date, so you can save some money by planning trips in advance.

Invest in a Travel Agent.

Paying a travel agent may seem counterintuitive, but this service will pay for itself overall. The important thing to remember is that travel agents plan trips for a living. As such, they have learned tips and tricks to save money that you may not know.

Be Careful When You Travel.

Much like planning ahead, this isn’t always an option. However, when it is, it can be crucial to saving money. Hotels and travel tickets – airlines and otherwise – are going to be more expensive when there are a lot of people traveling. For example, if you need to plan San Diego airport transportation, avoid Christmas and Thanksgiving when everyone is headed home to see their families.

Airlines Aren’t Your Only Option.

When we think about travel for business, we often think of flying to the location. While this is sometimes unavoidable for international travel, for traveling nationally you can try other forms of transport. You can travel by train as an alternative to flights and it can be used for shorter trips.

Use Online Meetings.

With the help of new technology, you don’t always need to travel to meet someone on the other side of the country or even the other side of the world. This, of course, isn’t always an option but when it is, take it. With the use of Skype and other similar resources, the age of technology has allowed us to save money on business trips by sometimes cutting them out completely.


Traveling is simply a part of business; it’s how you handle it that makes the difference. If you handle it without much forethought, then your profits are going to suffer. However, adding a couple of these tricks to your planning will save you a lot. Even if it only saves you a little at first, don’t worry. When planning trips for your business, you must remember that long term savings are just as important as short ones, but don’t make your employees suffer. The idea with business trips is to use these ideas to be frugal, not cheap.