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[Infographic] Calculating The Cost Of An Online MBA



According to an infographic created by Washington State University, the cost of obtaining an MBA can be anywhere between $25,000 and $94,000. For a lot of people, this is an expense that they are unable to afford and without help from their employer or student grants, they may never enter a masters in business administration program.

However, the University also released a number of other statistics, which could prove interesting. When taking a traditional MBA, you can expect this to cost you around $40,000. However, factor in the loss of income, due to attending traditional classes, and you could be forking out around $120,000.

That said, if you choose to take an online MBA, you can do this in addition to still working a full time job, leaving you with just the tuition fees to pay for.

Measuring the ROI of an Online MBA

[Infographic credit: Measuring the ROI of an online MBA by Washington State University]