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What The Super Bowl Can Teach You About The World Of Business


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The biggest sporting event of the year is just around the corner, and all eyes will be turned to the NRG Stadium during the buildup to Super Bowl LI. But the showpiece event between the Patriots and Falcons isn’t just a game of football. It’s an iconic occasion that transcends the realm of sport altogether.   

If you’re one of the millions who will be tuning in (or even if you’re not), it can teach some valuable lessons. That’s especially true when dealing with the world of business and the future of your startup. Make sure you do, and you’ll be a winner regardless of the outcome in Houston.

Let’s get ready for the kickoff.    

Teamwork Is Everything.

Even if you happen to be Tom Brady or Matt Ryan, it’s impossible to win a Super Bowl without the support of a winning team. Likewise, you cannot expect to achieve great things in the world of business all with one pair of hands.

As a start-up company, there are plenty of options out there. From recruiting permanent staff to hiring online freelancers, the key is to get value for money. After all, employees are the most important asset at your disposal. Build a winning culture, and your team will stand a far better chance of winning.

Protect Yourself At All Times.

The purpose of any NFL game is to score points. Similarly, your business is looking to score a profit. However, it’s equally important to keep one eye on the potential threats. Protecting your startup with surveillance, and online security is key. Meanwhile, you cannot forget the significance of intellectual property either. After all, you’re the only person that should benefit from that hard work.

Ultimately, the future of the business will be determined by financial elements. Monitor your accounts at all time, and you’ll never lose sight of where the business stands. With that comfort and security, you’ll be able to attack the game with far greater assurance.

Marketing Is Crucial To Business.

The Super Bowl is a truly special event and will be broadcast to millions. America’s biggest companies appreciate that this is a huge opportunity to spread their message. And they will pay around $5m for a 30-second commercial. While you might not be able to compete with that, it underlines the importance marketing.

For SMEs like yours, efficient internet marketing is key to achieving greatness. Even if it’s a localized offline operation, a strong online presence builds familiarity and a stronger brand image. It might not guarantee sales, but you won’t even have a chance until people are aware of the venture. Advertise your business in a winning fashion, and you’ve already won half the battle.

The End Zone Is Everything.

There’s no doubt that every inch of the pitch is important in the Super Bowl. But it’s the end zone that truly matters. Therefore, everything you do in business should be geared towards your end zone, which means converting the sale. Whether that means accepting modern payment types or offering promotions doesn’t matter. Ensuring you get that score is vital.

However, work doesn’t finish with the touchdown. In football, the subsequent kick can make all the difference. In business, gaining repeat custom can do the same. Maintain great customer care at all times, and the loyalty will soon follow. You might not win a trophy for those efforts, but you should gain healthy profits.   


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