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How Work-Life Balance Starts With Your Weekends


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Work life balance is a concept which has demanded attention for many years as people are continuously attempting to segregate time for innumerable demands of life and work. The business organizations have become dynamic and the work environment is becoming complex due to global competition. This kind of environment lays tremendous pressure on the employees as they have to attend the responsibilities in their work life as well as outside their work life.

If an employee can find ways to accommodate both these responsibilities, it can make a significant difference to the organization and in the employee’s performance.

Work-Life Balance and the Weekends.

Weekends, which are mostly meant to relax, take off from work and spend some personal time so that you can regain the energy which you drained during the week, can become a strong tool to achieve work life balance.

Most of the people can’t think about working on the weekends as they believe they hav earned this time by working hard during the week. To a great extent, this is right too. But, what actually happens is that during the week, we keep on juggling between the responsibilities of the workplace and the family, and during the weekends we are so burned out that we cannot think of even moving out of the bed.

But, what if I tell you that you can actually use your weekends to achieve better work-life balance and improve your productivity at work significantly.

All you need to do is set up your weekender calender in a way that you are able to achieve the best balance between your personal and professional life, while feeling relaxed during the week.

Make the Most of your Saturdays and Sundays.

All you need to do is indulging in a bit of planning, change your perspective towards it and do not consider your free time as the one having a lack of structure. One of the facts of life is that whether or not you have marked an event on your calendar, you still end up doing something in that time. So, when ultimately you hav to do something, why not make it a more planned, enjoyable and meaningful activity.

For instance, if you plan well ahead of time, you would already know that what all things your child would require during the upcoming week and when you go out on the weekends, you can take out some time to shop for those things. This way, you would not have to rush at the last minute and get pressurised. When you rush for something unplanned, you have to first leave what you were doing at that point of time and slowly it starts building up immense pressure in your mind. Consequently, you feel burned up.

So, the key is before planning the weekend activities, take out some time to plan for the weekdays. When you plan your week during the weekend, you have enough time to think about the best schedule and thus, you will have a more productive week. As a result, the weekend that will follow the productive week will also be more relaxed, and stress free.

The bottom line is, indulge into efficient planning on weekends to achieve work-life balance during the entire week.