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Elements Affecting Healthcare Startups



As one of the fastest growing industries in the country, our healthcare system is now filled with new startups and service providers trying to offer better care and services to the patients. We’re seeing a lot of changes happening on the market, from the implementation of new systems to better practitioners and nurses.

The healthcare landscape is more lucrative than ever, especially now that there are more patients and consumers taking advantage of better health insurance coverage. New elements are making healthcare startups better in many ways; we are going to look into some of them in this article:

The Medical Scribe.

One of the biggest new advancement in healthcare is the presence of medical scribes. There is more information to go through and data to process these days, and a medical scribe is there to help doctors and practitioners maintain a steady flow of data about patients.

A medical scribe is basically a personal assistant for physicians. The main job of a medical scribe is to handle all document-related tasks as the physician is treating patients. In an institution where nurses and doctors are required to provide the best level of services possible, the presence of medical scribes is very helpful. For those who want to pursue a career as a physician, working as an aspiring medical scribe is a great way to start.

Electronic Health Records.

Speaking of the flow of data, more healthcare service providers are now switching to EHRs. Electronic health records are much more effective than the conventional medical records simply because a large number of data can be stored in the cloud. This leads to two important improvements. The first one is easy access to patients’ medical records. Physicians can have all the information they need to provide patients with the right treatments.

The second improvement is cost efficiency. EHRs are much easier to store and don’t require additional infrastructure other than a reliable cloud server. There is no need to have a dedicated room for storing documents, which means healthcare services don’t have to cost as much.

A medical scribe is also capable of working with today’s best EHRs or Electronic Health Records. Patient records can be very meticulous and better overall healthcare services can be provided with the use of EHRs.

Change of Facilities.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the changes in healthcare facilities and supporting infrastructure. Smaller practices now offer better comfort and extra facilities to patients. The intimidating doctor’s office is now replaced by a trendy and semi-casual interior with warmer ambience. There are even interior designers who specialize in creating the perfect ambience for hospitals and practices.

This may be a small element to take into consideration, but patients prefer a warm ambience more than many startups are willing to admit. In fact, the most successful healthcare startups are those who can deliver the best patient experience and provide healthcare services on another level. User experiences, along with the previous elements we have covered in this article, are the main elements affecting our healthcare landscape and new healthcare startups.