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7 Tips For Bringing Mindfulness To Work


checklistVery few people enjoy going to work, with many doing it just because they need the money. You however never have to feel miserable each time you think of going to work. You have the potential to make the most out of your job by transforming it a positive experience.

To many of us, work is all that we do with our lives. The many hours we have to spend thinking about work is one of the factors that lead to exhaustion and stress. Although many people may not acknowledge this, most people spent much of their time worrying about the future and past obsessions, and spend very little time appreciating what they have now. Ancient karma yoga and mindful attention are however simple actions that can help one find happiness in whatever they do. Ancient yogis and spiritual teachers constantly remind us of how being mindful can bring peace and joy in our lives.

As hard as it may sound, you can indeed bring mindful practice at work. This however doesn’t mean you should bring the meditation cushion or burn incense to the office. This will not only be inappropriate but also freak most of your colleagues out. Nonetheless, you could bring in simple habits that help reduce stress and increase productivity. Discussed below are 7 tips on how to achieve mindfulness to work:

1. Set daily goals.

Take a few minutes of your time to prepare your body psychologically. Make it your goal to have a calm day, and let nothing distract you from that.

2. Take one step at a time.

Only focus on the task at hand. Do not try to multi-task as this will only overload your mind or be a distraction. Try to slow your thoughts and movements to uphold singular focus. 

3. Take pleasure in things that surround you.

Laughing with a colleague for a minute, taking an occasional gaze outside, and enjoying your work environment is the first step to maintaining mindfulness. Unless you learn how to appreciate what you have at the moment, it will be almost impossible to love what you do.

4. Pay attention.

If someone comes to your desk or is speaking to you, give them the attention they need by looking up. This not only shows you care but also how attentive you are.

Finding a quiet place during breaks and using your portable speaker or headphones to play meditation music can put you in a good position to relax for 10 minutes and come back afterwards, energised.

5. Use the Garden.

A lot of offices nowadays have roof gardens and outdoor spaces for the exact reasons that we are talking about – they encourage people to get away. If your office has one then utilise these spaces with their peaceful demeanour and sit amongst their patios and boxwood hedges and shrubs and fountains when the weather is good to get away from it all. Even if it’s just sitting outside in the sun, quietly – it will help.

6. Get in touch with your body during breaks.

Take a walk, stretch a little, or even do your nails during your break. If out for lunch, then take some time to appreciate the food, taste its texture and warmth, pay attention to physical sensations. Although it may seem like nothing, getting in touch with your body is actually healthy for your brain.

7. Use reminder stickers.

These need not be huge, but rather sizeable for your workspace. These can be placed on your computer, desk, or even desk phone. Use these stickers as a reminder that you need to be self-aware and mindful.

8. Breath again at the end of the day.

In the same way you started the day, take a few deep breathes and congratulate yourself for a successful day. Leave the work behind for the day, then carry on the mindfulness to the house. Enjoy recreational activities or even cooking with your family and friends whenever opportunity presents itself.