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[ADV] Boodmo – Online Catalog For Buying Car Spare Parts


Boodmo Online Catalog

Boodmo.com is India’s largest online company which provides a suitable marketing platform for people looking to purchase auto parts. It was established back in 2015, as a section of Smart Parts Online Pvt. Ltd. It offers a large number of automobile parts, including both aftermarket replacement as well as genuine parts, which are provided by more than four hundred suppliers from all over the country.

The automotive industry in the country happens to be quite disorganized. People often find themselves at a loss from where they can buy genuine spare parts to use for their cars. That is why Boodmo.com provides a platform that such individuals can make of. The platform is perfect for bringing together vehicle owners and dealers of automobile parts to benefit from each other. They aim for leadership in the competitive automotive industry by providing spare along with genuine vehicle parts for all types as well as models of cars. People can use the detailed online catalog offered by Boodmo.com to search for the car part that they require. Searching is made easier by using the name of the brand people want to purchase, the VIN, and part number.

Boodmo.com deals only in high quality spare and genuine parts as it puts a lot of emphasis on providing the best customer satisfaction. They main the satisfaction of their customers by ensuring that deliveries are on time, and by offering items at very reasonable rates. As mentioned, their catalog consists of aftermarket and original parts from more than three thousand international and national manufacturers. This platform is a great example of bringing together people who are car owners and auto parts dealers so that they can conduct business to their mutual satisfaction.

Products offered.

Boodmo.com offers a huge variety of car parts to satisfy the needs of the growing number of cars in India.

  • Their catalog consists of more than 3.2 crores of high-quality original and aftermarket spare parts.
  • Their list of components amounts to 4.8 crores in number from more than 400 global manufacturers and suppliers.
  • They have a stock consisting of 2.7 crores spare parts that are available for their customers.
  • They import auto-related items from Japan, Europe, UAE, USA, South Korea, and China.
  • The current return policy is very customer friendly.
  • Potential clients can buy what they want from a selection of spare parts offered by more than 3000 brands.
  • Customers can benefit from the best prices this business has to offer. Furthermore, a secure method of payments is available that makes for a checkout process that is without any hassle.
  • The company offers a 100% guarantee that any part purchased from it will be according to your specified requirements.

The automotive industry is a fast growing industry in India. Many people are buying cars every day. Everyday usage results in the inevitable wear and tear of cars. That is why spare and replacement parts are needed to keep the cars functioning properly. Boodmo.com provides useful information in the form of regularly updated catalogs to the mechanic and car owners. It is an impressive online market for purchasers and sellers of spare parts of cars providing complete information about the products offered. The staff of Boodmo.com maintains catalogs by checking auto parts sources for each car model and brand. This helps the buyer to find the part most suitable for their vehicle, and the supports the seller by providing a huge market for their products.

Boodmo’s Goal.

The purpose of Boodmo.com is to help organize the current vehicle industry so that buyers and sellers of spare or replacement car parts, and related items, can do business conveniently. As mentioned, people looking for their desired spare parts can quickly search for what they want while retailers can reach a large number of individuals thus resulting in more sales. The entire process is transparent and helps to build trust.